Indiana State announces two additional women’s soccer signees


TERRE HAUTE – Although the 2008 Indiana State soccer team has already added 14 recruits to their roster for the upcoming season, coach Vernon Croft announced the addition of two more players to finalize the total roster to 16.

Seyma Erenli and Claire Gibbons, both sophomores, round out Croft’s largest recruiting class since his arrival in 1999.

“Over the spring we have tried to create an environment of competitiveness for positions and with the last two to join our team we have succeeded in that,” said Croft. “Seyma and Claire both come from environments where soccer is a premier sport and the addition of them will certainly continue the passionate level our players have for soccer.”

Erenli is the second recruit who hails from Australia that will join the Sycamores in the fall. She has played club soccer with the Ashburton Women’s Soccer Club for five years under coach Chris Mikail. She has also been in the Victorian Women’s Premier League for four years which is the highest level of competition in the state. She has represented Victoria in four separate national tournaments. In addition, she is a part of the Australian National Futsal Team who will be competing in the FIFA Women’s World Cup this fall in Barcelona.

“Seyma’s recent call up to the Australian National Futsal Team is a huge accomplishment for her and really shows the level of experience and success she can bring to our program here as a very dangerous forward,” Croft added. “Her leadership ability within her club and the National Team will help continue the competitive environment we have at ISU.”

Gibbons is a transfer from Saint Leo University in Irchester, England. She is the fourth recruit coming to ISU from outside the United States. Gibbons has played with many different teams beginning with the Irchester Romans. After, she moved on to play with the Rushden and Diamonds where she played for the ladies team and the Centre of Excellence. She captained the team to a League Cup in her last season. Gibbons also participated on the U-16 county team where she was crowned an All-County champion.

At the age of 16, Gibbons moved to London and played for the Charlton Women’s Academy and the women’s reserve team where she trained regularly with the England international team. She played collegiately for one year at Saint Leo University.

“Claire has had the experience of playing with England National Team members within her club, Charlton Athletic, and this experience and maturity at playing within that level will be a big asset for us,” Croft said of Gibbons. “Her composure and technical ability on the ball will help in our ability to keep possession in the back.”

Source : The Tribune-Star
Published : 30/5/2008

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  1. I didn’t think we had an Australian National Women’s Futsal team at the moment. Any NSW ladies in the squad?

  2. Most likely this is a Vikings team. Football Australia has no official Ladies National Futsal squad at the moment.

  3. So who is affiliated with FIFA? Vikings or FFA? as the article claims this to be a FIFA event.

    Would be a shame if we are sending a vastly understrength team to a prestigious tournament.

  4. Hey, i can name ( and ive seen them play ) at least 10 girls from NSW that would give this National Squad a run for its money, and possibly give them a few goals head start to boot…!!!!
    Anybody know who the contacts for this squad is ?

  5. John,

    This is a Vikings team and you need to be registered with Vikings and playing in their Pacific League to be eligible to be selected.

    Gui Costa from Vikings Futsal in Brisbane is the coach, he is aware of the Nsw girls as he coached the last FFA Aussie Womens team but they are not eligible.

  6. Why then Justin is this reported as the “Australian National Futsal Team” and not just a “Vikings Australian selection”.

    Are the Vikings out to deceive?

  7. Simon,

    I can’t answer that question.

    Not sure if the media reporting the article have called it what they see it as?? It seems to happen a lot.

    It can be called an Australian Vikings team in my opinion because that’s what it is, it’s just that they aren’t sanctioned by the FFA.

  8. Is FFAA an offshoot of FFAO? Some of those locations look familiar?

    Jeez, how many bodies do we have running Futsal in this country?

  9. Simon,

    FFAA & FFAO play the old FIFUSA rules with throw ins instead of kick ins etc etc. They have many different rules when compared to the FIFA rules.

    They are separate associations now but yes the FFAA clubs (Coniston & Willoughby) initially were with FFAO in 2004.

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