OFC Day 5 : Tahiti shoot to top of the table with win


Tahiti has moved into first place of the OFC Futsal Championship in Suva after defeating Fiji 9-2 in the opening game of Match Day Five today.

With the Solomon Islands playing Vanuatu later tonight, their position at the top may be short lived but that doesn’t bother Tahiti Coach Rani Bea who has created a sense of belief in their players that they can now go all the way.

“The two games coming up are against very strong opposition and it will be tough,” he said. “But we really believe now. We can do it. We can do it.”

Tahiti opened the scoring in the fifth minute when Tetuanui scored the first goal of his brace on the evening.

Matana Bea then scored a hat trick in the space of ten minutes to kill the game off and propel Tahiti to their third win of the tournament.

Two goals to Jimmy Riaria and a goal a-piece to Usiera Pukoki and Lysis Tauha completed the scoring for Tahiti while Fiji scored two second half consolation goals through Nayzal Siga Ali and Assis Chand.

Fiji looked tired on the court tonight and it was always going to be tough for them as the tournament wore on with their entire squad coming straight from the Fiji FACT tournament last week.

Fiji Coach Imtiaz Khan noted that the Tahitian side had done their homework well in preparation for the game.

“They knew we were tired and knew we were handicapped with injuries. I think everyone could see the difference tonight between our players and the Tahiti players and the next two days are going to be very difficult with tired legs.”

But nothing should be taken away from Tahiti’s performance. They are improving with every match and Bea said he is delighted with the way they have been following gameplans.

“The players really listen to us. They play in the system we ask of them and defend the way we want them to. I can’t ask for any more than that.

Tahiti will meet the Solomon Islands at 6.00pm on Match Day six in an important penultimate match for both sides.

TAH: 1. Rehia DAVIO (GK); 3. Jimmy RIARIA; 4. Romeo PATIRA; 6. Michel MAIHURI; 7. Steeven TINO;

SUBS: 2. Matana BEA; 5. Lysis TAUHA; 8. Tetuanui TINOMOE; 9. Lorama BEA; 10. Usiera PUKOKI; 11. Amau TETUANUI; 12. Fernand TUANUA;

Coach: Rani BEA (TAH)

Goals: 8. Tetuanui TINOMOE 5′; 26′; 3. Jimmy RIARIA 7′, 34′; 2. Matana BEA 13′, 15′, 23′; 10. Usiera PUKOKI 33′; 5. Lysis TAUHA 38′

FIJ: 2. Mira SAHIB; 4. Alvin AVINESH; 7. Vikash PRASAD; 10. Dinesh Chand MUDALIAR;12. Nishad Wasim ALI (GK);

SUBS: 1. Azmat BEGG (GK); 3. Sandeep Sanjesh NAIR; 5. Nayzal Siga Ali; 6. Assis CHAND; 8. Muni Arvindra NAIDU; 9. Kamal HASSAN; 10. Dinesh Chand MUDALIAR; 11. Imtiaz BEGG;

Coach: Imtiaz KHAN (FIJ)

Goals: 5. Nayzal Siga Ali 23′;

Injured: 8. Muni Arvindra NAIDU;

Referee: Peter L. PAKOATONG (VAN)

2nd Referee: Stephan PARAGE (NCL)

3rd Referee: Francois TROLLIARD (NCL)

Timekeeper: Allan ALICK (VAN)

Referee’s Assessor: Neil POLOSO (SOL)

Source : Oceania Football Confederation
Published : 12/6/2008

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