OFC : Fans cry foul as vehicles fall foul to thieves at play-offs


FANS have asked the Fiji Football Association to stop turning a blind eye to the security of those attending the Oceania Football Confederation Futsal Championships at the Vodafone Arena.This after a number of cars was broken into during the first day of competition on Sunday while fans watched the Fiji-New Caledonia match.

Fiji FA chief executive Bob Kumar has also washed its hands off the issue, saying the Fiji Sports Council was responsible for the security outside the premises.

However, FSC venue manager Selwyn Williams said even though the tourney was being played at the Sports City, car owners were parking their vehicles at the venue at their own risk.

Abdul Shah, whose car was one of those broken into, said it seemed Fiji FA as usual was only concerned about making money.

“We have our cars out there and this gets broken into and Bob Kumar tells me nothing can be done and it’s not Fiji FA’s responsibility,” Shah said

“It seems that Fiji FA is not worried about the fans’ security but only getting the people in at any costs.”

Shah said the least which cold be done by Fiji FA was to provide some security to look after the vehicles.

Kumar said they had spoken to FSC and Williams.

“The car park was free on Sunday and from today (yesterday) they started charging and providing security,” Kumar said.

Williams said as any other facility a person could park their vehicles but it was at their own risk.

“We will charge and provide security but the owners park at their own risk just like anywhere else,” William said.

Meanwhile, Rewa striker Kamal Hassan was the toast Fiji as his two late goals propelled Fiji to a 4-2 win over New .

Fiji Coach Imtiaz Khan was delighted with the result and said he was not happy to settle for a draw after New Caledonia equalised.

Fiji was on a bye yesterday and plays the Solomon Islands at 8pm today in a crucial encounter.

Source : Fiji Times
Published : 10/6/2008

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