FFA Football Development Plan


Below is the FFA Football Development Plan in PDF form. Its well worth a read for anyone interested in knowing the FFA’s new direction on Futsal, and also Football in general. Its well laid out and easy to read.

The full PDF can be viewed by clicking on the picture below…

In a nutshell, some of the areas in the document related to Futsal are as follows :

Game Development : Futsal – Historically, Futsal has not been given the level of service that it requires, especially when taking into consideration it’s growth and the important part it plays in the technical development of players. It needs to be integrated more effectively into the overarching football system as well as providing a seamless talented player pathway.

Initiatives : Small-Sided Games (SSG) – Small-Sided Games are a modified version of Association/club football, structured to more suitably address the needs of young players. The basis of SSG is that participants, playing on smaller fields and with smaller numbers, will interact with the ball on more occasions and be required to make less complicated tactical decisions. The result for participants is more fun (more successful interactions) and better skill/technique development.

SSGs are currently played in some parts of Australia, but the format is not consistent and the particular form used is not always ideal for the age groups involved. Commencing in 2008, a nationally consistent format of SSG will be introduced as the standard football format for kids under 12 years old throughout Australia, with an age-related structure and size linked to progressively changing abilities and skill levels of children.

In promoting SSGs, it is important to emphasise that their purpose is skill development through fun. They benefit kids by making their early contact with the game more enjoyable while simultaneously providing an environment that will facilitate greater skill development.

11. Futsal
Futsal is another part of our game which has enjoyed tremendous growth. Under the Football Development Plan, FFA will continue to work with Member Federations in the staging of a National Futsal Championships on an annual basis. There is also an identified need to establish a dedicated Futsal Development Plan that will focus on more effective integration with the outdoor game across areas such as coach and referee education as well as club development.

• FFA to work with Member Federations to ensure that Futsal is fully integrated into their organisational structures
• FFA, through Member Federations, to work with all stakeholders to encourage closer links between outdoor clubs and Futsal teams/centres
• FFA to provide better services and programs to Futsal including Coach and Referee Education and Development
• FFA to ensure that a clearly articulated pathway exists for talented players within Futsal

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