Australian Futsal Club Championships


Futsal teams that compete within a FFA affiliated centre or club, are invited to register for the ‘2008 Australian Futsal Club Championships’ (AFCC08), proudly hosted by Capital Football – Futsal.

Nominating club teams must be comprised of players who are currently registered with the team, which participates in a FFA approved provincial competition on a regular league basis. In addition to providing teams with the once a year opportunity to play against teams from other centres, clubs and States, this competition will determine the best club Futsal team in Australia for each age category on offer.

DATE: October 4-6, 2008

AGE GROUPS: Male: 12, 14, 16, 19 (Youth), Open.
Female: 12, 14, 16, 19 (Youth), Open.

ENTRY FEE: Junior (12 -16) $200 (Inc. G.S.T)
(PER TEAM) Senior (Youth, Open) $250 (Inc. G.S.T)

PAYMENT: All fees must accompany registration forms. Payment methods are cash (do
not post cash), cheque (paid to Capital Football), credit card* or EFTPOS.

*Credit card payments can be made in person, over the phone or submitted on your team nomination form.
Note: Entries must be received by close of business September 19, 2008


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Source : Football NSW

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  1. Why do they always have this f**king competition in Canberra? im sure the majority of the teams are from Sydney, They should have it at Windsor like old times!

  2. Of course Michael, if you compete outside of the “starchy” FFA You would compete in Sydney as you wish ! Talk to your local Vikings Futsal contact for more details.

  3. Do we know what venues the Vikings are using in Sydney for their Championships?

    International size courts for the seniors?

  4. I have to say Regan this site sure is interesting. I say this because it just shows that the FFA has no control over futsal in Australia at all. There are so many different Futsal groups out their doing their own thing. Hell in Victoria alone there must be 6 or 7 groups.

    Maybe this is why all the Vikings knocking seems to have disappeared. Atleast with that group they are Australian wide and are actively doing things as a group.

    New Zealand dosen’t look much better although I see Vikings are again NZ wide but there looks to be groups out their cashing in. And I doubt the figures they quote are true.

    What do all these individual groups hope to achieve. When it comes to trying to bring them together they will all have their own interests in hand it will look rosie for a small period of time then it will implode, sounds like ISA from a few years back dosen’t it.

    All that said to me it looks like the FFA and Football NZ have no control over the sport and probably have no intention of having any control. I’m sure FFA are happy to watch all these groups try and do their own thing implode then die with the sport, no need to spend time money or resources that way

  5. Vikings promote futsal in many schools, as do AFL and ARL (seldom is soccer seen!) Will any “independents offer the same “free” service that Vikings do? Love em or hate em they appear to be the only national identity who have the sports interest at heart and dont consider it merely a money making exercise/

    No offence to our friend in S.A but why would you want to go to Adelaide and play in a private commercial tournament that probably wont attract too many teams outside of the State capital ? Does this develop the sport ?

    Why is the FFA trying to recruit Vikings staff and teams to prop up their nationals? Do they believe Vikings staff to be well trained and able to achieve results they cannot ?

    Personally I shudder every time I read “superleague” , soopadooaleague, extrasupereliteduperleague, Forget the 95% of players who need our help , lets knock all those players that arent at that level, surely they cant be the future of our wonderful sport ?

    The FFA had a great opportunity to introduce futsal to the masses. What did we end up with ? small sided games with no goalkeepers and no competitive spirit ! (they can learn to win and lose later!)

    If you have a leaking pipe you call in a plumber. Futsal is leaking but I think the FFA are not the tradesmen we need ? Just for a moment take away all the —-affilliated to, sanctioned by , unofficial, FFA<AMF<FIFA<AFC et al !!!! Does all that stuff really help our sport in any way at the moment? Do all our players know where their dollars go to ? Do they care? Do we care ? Private enterprise is the thorn in our side everyone should be looking at – NO ?

  6. Michael, I think you’ll find that the member associations meet and discuss the venue for Nationals.

    In 2006, the Nationals were held at the Gold Coast in Queensland, in second week of January. Peak holiday season, so premium rates for accommodation and no venues big enough to have all the finals in one place on the last day. Also, try playing in a Queensland summer sometime… was little wonder that southern teams were bringing ice vests and kids were passing out from the humidity.

    At the member associations meeting it was decided to have the tournament in Canberra again, since it’s reasonably central and the facilities at the AIS are at a level that the sport deserves for it’s opening and finals, with secondary venues of a suitable calibre for group stages.

    What the sport really needs, in my opinion, is a governing body that acts in the best interests of the sport, but also has the respect of all the constituents and stakeholders.

  7. I agree with Sala on the SSG comment, FFA had the opportunity to give futsal the injection of support it needed but instead chose SSG. It’s true that small sided games work very well in some european countries but I am not a fan, they would have been better off implementing a sport that already existed being futsal and promoted the shit out of it for junior development.
    Having said that and as much as it might pain people FFA is a necessary evil and for the sport to move forward futsal people and clubs need to push their state governing bodies into doing something positive for the promotion of the sport and to offer more elite competitions all year round. I know there are a few clubs in Victoria who have sat down with FFV to push for junior premier leagues, other competitions and a clear path for the future development of futsal and low and behold the ball has started to roll, meetings have been had and a junior premier league was born which should commence in the next couple of months.
    People complain about the way FFA and state bodies have handled futsal in the past and they probably have good cause to but surely if the affiliated clubs really want to build the profile of the sport they too need to be proactive like the clubs in Victoria and work with their state bodies to get the ball rolling. It’s time for all affiliated clubs in Australia who really want the sport to excell to make this happen don’t just wait for the FFA to do something because that will only happen when they decide to make it happen. Healthy state elite competitions will lead to nationals and international competitions sometimes it just takes a kick in the arse to make it happen and the clubs are the ones who should be kicking arse and approaching their state bodies collectively and you might be surprised by the results.

  8. Sonic, having worked with the peak body for football in Victoria (FFV) for a number of years, and yes within the last year, I can honestly tell you FFV don’t really give a shit about futsal. They send state teams away beacause the have to. The only competition they run is because the people responsible for futsal at FFV need to justify their hours (one comp of about 15 teams = 2 people full time – doesm’t really add up does it?) .
    Have a look at their website, advertising their new Managers positions (yes they sacked all their managers a couple of weeks ago – and will probably re-emply them at a lesser salary). Read the description of FFV on the ads – quote “Football Federation Victoria (FFV) is the peak body responsible for all
    aspects of the world game of football throughout Victoria. Following
    the recent release of its new Strategic Plan, outlining a clear vision for
    Victorian football, and on the back of continued growth in participation,
    making football one of Victoria’s fastest growing sports,……” It only mentions football – never futsal. Futsal is always the afterthought once people involved with futsal remind them the are supposed to be catering for that sport also.


  9. mattooch,

    interesting mentioning websites. In this day and age websites and interent are a major source of information and news. The activity on them reflects the interest that organisation has in futsal.

    Going round the football bodies websites some interesting facts

    Football Northern Territory couldn’t find the word futsal on the site

    Football SA futsal in links not as a competition …has 2 articles put up in july, so 2 articles in 2 months.

    Football WA found futsal in education and development. One article 15/12/2006
    2 years ago

    Football Tas under futsal a news item to say futsal fixtures start 22/02 , 6 months ago

    Football NNSW under development not comps. One news item from 4th august , 3 weeks ago

    Football Qld three articles , one in april and 2 in july

    and the national organisation Football Australia, last news item 15/05 over 2 months ago.

    To their credit Football Victoria, ACT and NSW do have some activity.

    But what does it say for the interest from the other bodies particularly the national body ?

    One question that did come up in looking at the sites was that Victoria is the only one mentioning a national school titles in Sydney in September, does anybody know if on ? Even NSW don’t mention. .

  10. Can anyone explain the rationale behind the FFA decision to stop 10year olds playing nationals Jan 08 and now stopping 11year olds in 09 ? and presumably 12s , 13s, 14s etc over the next 3 years ?

    Seems to be a negative act when we are trying to develop the sport at junior level, is it merely a cost cutting act or is there a deep psychological reason that only they (FFA) can understand ?

  11. Mattooch i respect and understand where you are coming from but since the last state championships this year there has been movement by at least 6 of the major affiliated futsal clubs where they approached FFV to discuss the future development of juniors as well as the future of futsal in Victoria. It was agreed by all parties that more development and tournaments need to be held yearly with more advertising and awareness posted on FFV and other websites. This is where the junior premier league was born and it is definitely going to happen by the end of October, this is an initiative by the clubs who had decided it was time for the sport to move forward. These clubs new that leaving all the planning and work to FFV would not be very productive because like you say there are now only 3 people at FFV running futsal, that’s where the clubs have been proactive and taken on some of the resposibility in getting things moving. I can guarantee that these particular clubs are very passionate about the sport and not for a money making venture but to truly develop futsal in Victoria and beyond. This new premier league once up and running will lead into other opportunities for growth not only in city but country Victoria as well. A future plan will be implemented early next year which will give direction and a pathway for the sport to grow and prosper and I firmly believe with the help from these and other future clubs that futsal will get the recognition and respect it truly deserves.

  12. It is an often asked question Sonic, but one sees the “outdoor” mentality in developing a ‘new’ sport with an elite competition ? The FFA asked me “shouldn’t the nationals be only for elite teams ? I said perhaps in 20 years time when we have 5,000,000 kids playing the sport !!!!
    Simmo spoke of my old fashioned approach, this is simply archaic ! As stupid in its concept as u/9 , u/10 etc (Ive never ever celebrated an “under” anything birthday ! )
    Thank God futsal players are 9, 10, 11, 12 etc ! lol
    Can you reveal what this “future” plan is for Vic ?

  13. F.SALA, the 11 s will be here to stay at the 09 nationals and beyond. Check the futsal nationals web site, http://www.futsalnationals.com.au and the hosts ACT are advertising for trials for their 11s on their website. Again check their websites and you will see that there is no “under” mentioned.

    Yes, the nationals should be for elite teams, its for state representative teams just like any other sport. The national club championships is for when anyone can compete.

  14. wes brown, NSW and ACT are fairly well run and are still improving their competitions. ACT is restructuring their premier league this season and their more social divisions have always been popular and well organised. SA is doing ok and getting better but they find it tough at times because a lot of their futsal comps are run by private indoor sports centres that aren’t affiliated to anyone and don’t want to be affiliated to anyone. I notice that WA is advertising for their state teams again which is great news, they’re only just beginning with Football West but early signs are good.

  15. Hey Bigs, you failed to answer the question that really mattered ! WHY AREN’T 10’s allowed to play?

    Where can I buy a pair of those rose tinted glasses you wear ? Futsal was run “fairly well” as you say, 20 years ago when I played in NSW, unfortunately NOTHING has improved since !

    Dont worry about SA and WA , I believe VIKINGS will put those guys out of their misery and organise the sport properly for them !

    Please dont take my sarcasm too literally, If you talk to traditional outdoor people trying hard to take over futsal they talk in unders all the time ( or hadn’t you noticed ?)

    I see too that you want elite teams only at the (FFA) Nationals ? By your admission SA and WA have nothing yet because of all the independent centres, Qld are out because theyre all VIKINGS (As is nthn and sthn NSW) Vic are trying hard to get soccer players up to speed as is Tasmania ? So will this years FFA nationals be predominantly SYDNEY v CANBERRA ? I must get tickets for that !

  16. I have no idea why 10s aren’t there anymore, maybe lack of time/courts, i don’t know.

    The nationals will be the same teams that have been there the last few years (except QLD). NSW, ACT, Vic, SA etc will have the same players as usual. Those same players were the ones that beat the QLD Vikings teams last year. Have a look at last years results, take out the women and 14 girls and the QLD Vikings teams didn’t do much, usually they’re down the bottom of the table. Their absence won’t be missed and it will mean that the standard of play is higher and more competitive, there will be no more easy games now that the Vikings have left ;)

    You or some other Vikings supporter will probably come back and try to degrade the FFA nationals but the fact is that the Vikings teams in general were no longer able to match it with FFA teams. You guys can keep arguing and trying to promote your BRAND as much as you want but its getting rather childish.

  17. Never let it be said that I tried to degrade the FFA nationals (looks to me like they’re doing a grand job of it on their own !). So Bigs is another one more interested in one team in each age group……the eventual holders of a plastic trophy ! Great for development that Bigsy !
    Just to wise you up a bit, most of the teams at nationals last year outside of Sydney and ACT were VIKINGS teams ! When it comes to facts (about the elimination of 10 y/olds) you DONT KNOW ? Does that translate to me that you dont really care? Probably not your age group, so why worry ? (Its only the future development of the sport of futsal you’re not worried about !) Or do I misjudge you ?
    I remember being at the world cup play offs in Chandler many years ago when we (Australia) beat NZ All Whites (their outdoor players) by double figures….Your FFA are currently recruiting outdoor players here to make up the numbers at the nationals , now if that enhances the quality of your tournament….so be it !

    Whilst you are researching the answer about the 10s please find out too why Qld football are trying to recruit VIKINGS players (after all they aren’t very good players ability wise are they ???)

    (As the saying goes….”Wake up and smell the coffee” ! )

  18. Why is it the belief the the Future of Futsal rests with elite teams?

    I enjoyed the nationals 10-15 years ago, so many teams, males, females and does anyone remember the disabled section, those were great tournaments.

    If there is to be a Tournament for just 1 team from each state it shouldn’t be the nationals, they should have a separate tournament played on a full sized court with international rules for all ages but I can’t see the FFA organising that.

    The Future of Futsal lies with the grass roots and quantity of players, that is when the quality of TRUE futsal players will come through

  19. Hey Bigs

    Have a look at the Western Australia news item with all their under 13 yrs etc teams. Is a football mentality again

  20. Well said Toepoke, I too enjoyed the disabled guys’ games, at times I enjoyed coaching them more than some of our “national” teams ! But no doubt I will be told again to stop living in the past……….so much for old friends (and foes!). The atmosphere was great for the big week in Canberra, the pups of today will never know what they’ve missed !
    W.A. like QLD desperately trying to recruit coaches and players for a tournament they know nothing about ? (Give me the good ol’ days ! lol)

  21. You are true in what you say when you correctly stated that the QLD teams were usually at the bottom of the ladder. However, this year I personally know that an 11s team will be entered from QLD and that this time it will be a hand picked team of the best children not as what happened in previous years where kids were picked because their parents were referees or friends of Gui Costa. The team that was taken last year had a chance to hold their own if they did not have ridiculous 2 minute rotation imposed on them and a 12 hour bus trip the day before the 1st game. We may still have a long way to go in QLD but you must take small steps first!! Both of my children were chosen in the Vikings Nationals but pulled out due to the so called “selection” process. I have been assured that this will not happen with the QLD side that is sent to the Nationals in Canberra.

  22. its all politics and opinions…… you are either an ffa person through and through and have the perception that futsal is owned by the football bodies or you are someone who is open minded and sees the benefits that other organisations can offer such as vikings or whoever………

    personally i would send my child to which ever competition or event or academy or club that offered the best deal and pathway for what they wanted?

    wouldn’t anyone? who cares if its vikings, ffa or uncle bob’s league on the corner aslong as kids are playing futsal and they are given the right opportunity!!!

  23. I have had the advantage of being “inside” both organisations. I am biased sure, but have to laugh when certain individuals refer deliberately to Vikings as “private enterprise in a condescending fashion.( I guess its really complimentary!)
    I see Vikings as the best organised “national” futsal Association, not perfect yet but at least 5 metres and 4 seconds ahead of anything else anyone else can offer.
    There are situations everywhere that dont please all, take Kids Mum for example, she has a genuine gripe on methods of selection (doesnt everyone ?) But fails to say that her “new” Qld team is selected only from the Sunny Coast……….Most people KNOW that we have to put in the hard yards now to develop the sport, if that means involving more kids and having more fun so be it.
    50 years ago England had no plans for futsal, today little has changed with obvious results. If we’re going to do it, lets do it properly…together ?

  24. How do you judge success… is it winning one tournament but not growing the game or is it that the other way around.

    Is the FFA good for the game because they “could” send a side to an international tournament or is Vikings doing the right thing by making the game accessible to everyone. Hell is FIFA doing the right thing by the game, one world cup once every 4 years… thats it. If it wasn’t for AFC there would be little else for the Oz men to play in and the FFA are only going to send a side every 2 years. So in Australia you have 12 guys only who can play at the top, no women, no 21’s, no youth teams. So what happens to those who just want to play.

    One of the biggest soccer tournaments in Oz is the Kanga Cup, from memory, not run by the FFA (Ia ppologies if it is) there is also the southern skies in Brisbane also… a chance for teams to go and play at a tournament NOT run by the so called sanctioning body…. so why the fuss over Futsal or, as has been mentioned Vikings. No mention of the AMF group in Conniston who are running a Mini World Cup for Futsal, the 6 or 7 different groups running their own things in Victoria, 3 in SA and now clubs in Sydney are walking away from NSW Football/Futsal.

    I doubt Kids Mum is actually a mum, but who knows. And she/he is emotional about an 11yr old team… 11 years!!! Kids at that age just want to play, it’s only the parents who try to live their sporting dreams through them that really care.

    This Futsal revue will be interesting, looks to me like the FFA washing their hands of the current situation that really they created. Sure they can tick the Futsal box at the next board meeting – we are having a revue. But we won’t know anything until the new year, by then most of Sydney thoughts are back on soccer trials so infact this revue won’t mean much until this time next year

  25. Unfortunately you are incorrect in stating that the new QLD team is from the Sunny Coast only. These children are from Brisbane and all the boys that are going up to the Sunshine Coast to trial are in fact ones that were selected in the Vikings side and have pulled out. I do not have a gripe with the Vikings and in fact the boys will play in their leagues throughtout this summer. I believe that the schools competitions are one of the best run competitions that I have ever seen in both organisation and competition. And yes I am a Mum and was a straight academic at school and therefore have No inclination at all to live a sporting career through my children. In fact 3 of my kids have never played sport except either in the back yard or for school

  26. can’t seem to find the results for this tournament? anyone point me in the right direction

  27. well i hope they relaunch it for 2009.. i think it will attract the best clubs from around Australia for a chance to compete in the AFC Club championships!!?? =]


    This was on the Sydney Radio station 2UE web page,


    Where: At various venues. Check website for details
    When: 6th -10th JANUARY, CANBERRA
    Entry: Free

    Futsal is the only official form of indoor soccer recognised by Football Federation Australia. See teams from all over Australia bring together the best players competing in age groups ranging from under 11s, to open age men and women.

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