Referees Entrance Course (NSW)


NSW Futsal Referees Association announces another pre-season entrance course for people 14 years and over wishing to become futsal referees.

The next course is scheduled over four nights at Auburn Soccer Club, Northumberland Rd, Auburn. The dates for the course are 25/26 August and 1/2 September at Auburn and starts each evening at 7pm for a little over 2 hours per session.

The cost for the course is $60.00 and includes FIFA Laws of the game and the FFA course workbook. It is suggested you bring a pen and highlighter to make notes and fill in your workbook.

The course will be conducted by FFA National Futsal Referees’ coach Geoff Magennis.

Anyone interested in attending this course should use the feedback form (on the NSWFRA website) with the “become a referee” option and provide their name, age and contact details so that we can get in touch to confirm your attendance.

Source : NSW Futsal Referees Association
Published : 12/8/2008

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