Vikings Futsal Cup New Zealand 2008 Draw – Updated


The Cup draw has been made available to the public for the Vikings Futsal Cup in New Zealand, as previously reported here.

** Note the draw has been changed due to the Chengdu team being caught up in Hong Kong due to the Typhoon, and so are unable to arrive for the first day **

Click here for a PDF version of the revised draw, or here for the revised XLS version on the Vikings NZ website.

The draw is as follows…

Friday 8th of August :

11.10am Men New Zealand v Barbarians
12.20pm Men South Queensland v Victoria
1.30pm Women New Zealand v Northern Australia
2.40pm Women Philippines v Southern Australia
3.50pm Men North Queensland v Victoria
5pm Men South Queensland v Barbarians

Saturday 9th of August :

10am Men New Zealand v Victoria
11.10am Men Chengdu v Barbarians
12.20pm Men North Queensland v South Queensland
1.30pm Women Northern Australia v Southern Australia
2.40pm Men New Zealand v South Queensland
3.50pm Women New Zealand v Philippines
5pm Men Victoria v Chengdu
6.10pm Men North Queensland v Barbarians
7.20pm Men New Zealand v Chengdu

Sunday 10th of August :

8.50am Men North Queensland v Chengdu
10am Women New Zealand v Southern Australia
11.10am Women Philippines v Northern Australia
12.20pm Men New Zealand v North Queensland
1.30pm Men South Queensland v Chengdu
2.40pm Men Victoria v Barbarians
3.50pm Women 3rd/4th playoff
5pm Women Grand Final
6.10pm Men Grand Final
8:15pm Prize Giving

Source : Vikings NZ
Published : 6/8/2008

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