Coast pair picked for futsal cup (QLD)


Had she gone through another sporting sliding door, Buderim’s Sarah Hasted (pictured) might have been running out on to Stockland Park as part of the women’s rugby league World Cup side later this year.

Instead the former junior league player will be flying out on Thursday for the inaugural women’s futsal World Cup in Reus, Spain, with fellow Coast player Sarah Garven of Kawana.

Hasted and Garven mirror the achievements of two of the Sunshine Coast Sirens league players that have made the cut for Australia in league.

Who knows how far Hasted would have gone had her way in league not been barred once she turned 12.

No one seven years ago could see the emergence of women playing full-on contact sport.

Hasted’s only option at the time was to turn her sporting talent to outdoor football.

She was lured into it by a friend who also talked her into having a crack at the scaled-down indoor version called futsal.

She liked the running game, but a twist of fate saw her become a fixture in the goals – at first for her local Coast club and now for her country.

Back then Hasted went into the pressure cooker of keeping in this five-a-side game, kicking and screaming and played accordingly.

“I was really horrible at it at first,” Hasted said.

But after 18 months, ineptitude had turned into something special – a talent for not only stopping goals, but telling her teammates like it is.

She eventually left the Coast for the faster pace (read harder saves) on offer at the Dal Ponte Futsal Academy playing for the elite Vikings side.

“Basically what makes me suited for in goal is my communication – I like to talk and tell the players what they should be doing,” she said.

“I’m their eyes when they can’t see what’s coming.”

Garven is from a solid soccer background having played field soccer going all the way to be part of the Matildas Australian squad.

“I moved over to futsal towards the end of my outdoor career – it was a means of continuing to enjoy the game.”

She is married to a Brazilian and has had a six-month stint in the South American country playing futsal.

Hasted is one of two goalies picked in a 12-player squad which has her academy head coach, Gui Costa, in charge of the campaign against 11 other sides.

The Coast duo was selected after the Asian series against the Philippines and New Zealand played in New Zealand.

“We didn’t lose a game and I let in just two goals,” said Hasted, who is not sure who the biggest threat will be, but judging by the talents of Australia’s Brazilian coach, she expects Brazil will be a major threat.

The first game for the top-seeded Asian side is against Italy on September 30 while Paraguay is also drawn in Australia’s group.

The top two teams advance to the quarter-finals.

The other teams are Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Slovakia, Japan, Mexico, Czech Republic and Russia.

Source : Sunshine Coast Daily
By : Peter Gardiner
Photo : Nicholas Falconer/178257b
Published : 23/9/2008

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