How to watch the Futsal World Cup live on the web – Updated


As most readers know Australia, NZ and Pacific Islands television networks are not really known for showing Futsal regularly. With the 2008 FIFA Futsal World Cup rapidly approaching, we thought some of you may benefit from a guide on how to watch it streaming on the Internet to make up for the potential lack of live local coverage.

30/9/08 11:53PM : Check out this forum post for confirmed live and working streaming links [click here] (scroll to the bottom once you get to that page).

In a Nutshell, the following are reliable links to view live and replay Footage of the World Cup.

Previous Games : http://www.justin.tv/search?sort-by=newest&q=futsal&section=all

Previous info for this article is below :

Note : If you choose to follow this guide it is your own responsibility. If it doesn’t work for you, you may wish to read up on other methods on the net. This method is recommended for those with Broadband connections. Dialup just won’t cut it.

1. Check out the list of official Broadcasters for the Event : http://www.futsalplanet.com/FTP/files/bra08broadcast.pdf

2. Install the TVUPlayer from TVU Networks. It is a free piece of software that streams tv across the net using P2P type connnections. You can grab it from http://www.tvunetworks.com/

3. Look through the extensive channel list on TVUPlayer and choose one of the foreign stations that is broadcasting the Futsal World Cup.

4. If anyone is worried about the P2P side of it, install a copy of the free Peer Guardian to protect yourself. Its one of the better ways to protect your privacy on P2P. Grab it here : http://phoenixlabs.org/pg2/

Final Note : This is streaming video, so be aware it may bite into your monthly download limits depending on how much you end up watching.

If anyone has luck finding particular channels that work well, we encourage you to let others on the site know via the forums or comments below.

Additional Site if the guide above doesn’t work :

http://www.myp2p.eu – Excellent site for live sports feeds over P2P.

JogaBonito on our forums has posted some great info about viewing the World Cup. Check out JogaBonito’s post here : http://forums.futsal4all.com//viewtopic.php?f=11&t=37

JogaBonito’s Tips :

JumpTV has exclusive internet broadcast rights to FIFA world cups and will be streaming this years futsal event to all of us. Highly recommend using their services .. http://latin-america.jumptv.com/

Brazil – TV Globo (Exclusive TV) : http://globotvsports.globo.com/GloboTVS … 14,00.html

For completed game/tv schedule check http://www.fifa.com/mm/document/tournament/competition/match%5fschedule%5f11.07.08%5f57475.pdf

I heard www.justtv.com.br is showing live games.. But i cant read brazillian !!

http://www.myp2p.eu/channel.php?&part=c … ory=sports is showing games on EuroSports 2, EuroSports UK

First games will start today at 11:30PM , Italy vs Thailand following Brazil vs Japan at 12:30PM.Try to get access to ESPN 360 via…
http://www.coolstreaming.us/search_chan … ?term=ESPN

** Check out the Forum thread for more up to date and confirmed working links : http://forums.futsal4all.com//viewtopic.php?f=11&t=37 **

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  2. grrrrrrrr

    the solomons vs cuba game didnt go online!! it started with them walking on then it swapped over to paraguay vs usa!!


    i needed to watch this game :(

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    Try the FIFA.COM site, should at least see highlights there right now, but likely not the full match.

  4. I just got an email from Scott Kidson from the FIFA Futsal World Cup in Brazil.

    He has been appointed as referee on the second round group stage match between Spain and Argentina .

    Refereeing with his AFC partner Badrul Hisham Kalam of Malaysia. It’s the 10:30am match here, so 12:30am (Monday morning) in Sydney.


    Vic Futsal Referee

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