Under 12s Futsal on Fire (NSW)


Today the under 12s Sutherland Shire Futsal representative team played its first trial game in its preparation for the up coming 08 – 09 Football NSW Futsal Super League.

The Sutherland Shire under 12s started very well against a very organised under 12s team from the Greater Western Vikings Futsal Club.

From the start it was end to end stuff with the team from Sutherland scoring the first goal and starting very strong. Greater Western Vikings did not let the Sutherland team get to far ahead and replied with a couple of goals of their own.

An atmosphere of excitment was created not just by the skill on display but also from the sideline with the Mums, Dads and supportors cheering on both teams as the game progressed.

Suddenly Sutherland scored in the top right hand corner of the Greater Western Vikings goal. This was without a doubt the best goal of the match. The goal seamed to be the reason for the game stepping up a notch.

The final score was Sutherland Shire FA 7 vs. Greater Western Vikings 7.

Lee Pepper the coach of the under 12s Sutherland Futsal representative team said “he was very happy with the first game and is thankful to the Futsal Association for providing such a well organised preseason, we look forward to training, the gala day and competition ahead”.

Next time will see an interesting match ahead when we play against them in round 9 of the 08 – 09 Football NSW Futsal Super League.

Source : Sutherland Shire Futsal
Published : 31/8/2008

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