Victorian Schools Futsal Championship Rep teams selected


This year, the Schools National Futsal Championships will be held in Sydney, hosted by Football NSW in conjunction with Football Federation Australia.The Championships will feature some of the very best school age players across Australia, representing their respective States and Territories.

The Championships will be played over two days, commencing on Monday 29th September and finishing on Tuesday 30th September with all matches played over 6 courts at the Penrith Valley Regional Sports Centre, Herbert St, Cambridge Park.

As the governing body for Futsal in Victoria, Football Federation Victoria is determined to provide the right platform for Futsal’s ongoing development.

Our efforts in this direction are further enhanced with our commitment of four representative squads to this year’s Championships.

All squads have been finalised and Football Federation Victoria would like to congratulate the following players and officials on their selection.

Under 16 Boys
Coach: Jack Dugonjic
Asst Coach / TM: Dietmar Schaffner

1. Samuel Davies
2. Arley Nini
3. Terry Saliba
4. Anthony Ragusa
5. Tou-Yen Yang
6. Kristian Gjergjaj
7. Dante La Verde
8. Peter Konjevic
9. Adam Augusto
10. Emmanuel Arias

Under 14 Boys
Coach: Edgard Vatcky
Asst Coach / TM: Tas Patrikis

1. Christopher Dib
2. Yanco Castro
3. Luke Baldassini
4. Anthony Cassar
5. Damien Labombarda
6. Konrad Machoy
7. Anthony Chiera
8. Christopher Talajic
9. Andrew Romero
10. Brandon Galgano

Under 16 Girls
Coach: Juan Hompart
Asst Coach / TM: Deidre Burggraaf

1. Matilda Ford
2. Michelle Duffy
3. Kayana Carvalho
4. Gioia McGrory-Perich
5. Laura Haws
6. Daniela Slodyczka
7. Stefanie Oddo
8. Kayla Del Monte
9. Michelle Zilic
10. Alexa Koulousianis

Under 15 Girls
Coach: Mary Iskander
Asst Coach / TM: Sam Mlynarz

1. Ilona Jakab
2. Stephanie Galea
3. Marie Yiangou
4. Bianca Rosano
5. Aimee De Melo
6. Christine Duffy
7. Alexandria Costa
8. Madison Ogilvie
9. Catherine Wylie-O’Brien
10. Emma Helmer

Source : Football Federation Victoria
Published : 9/9/2008

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  1. The 16 year old girls were correct. The coach was told that if the team went he would be banned by Football NSW. Ask him if you know him.

  2. You are right Simon the 19s did go to Melbourne…..but as I said the 16’s did not and it was not the players who were threatened with reprisals….to do this worries me.. these people are supposed to care for our sport as we leave it to them to raise its profile…..Allot of people heard what they did to this team……very sad

  3. Has the 19s coach been banned? He’s been around a long time and well respected in the Futsal community.

    I still contend that girls have not been threatened with any bans as FootballNSW would be on very dangerous grounds if they did. Selection of State Coaches is always contentious so anything is possible there !!

  4. I’d like to Congratulate the girls who called themselves Sydney and competed in the Dandenong Vikings competition. A fantastic group of girls who amazed us with their skill, pace and precision. I wasn’t aware of the power struggle over futsal in NSW, but maybe the powers that be should have a chat with these girls. Its simple, they wanted to play the game – they did and they won! Well Done
    From a Victorian MUM!!!!
    Better say well done to Vic Country Under 19 Boys, a bunch of mates from Ballarat who won the Boys division too!

  5. Just clearing things up i was a member of the under 19’s Sydney City team that went to melb not the 16’s team, i was never threatened directly however there was specific mention that there was a possibility of retribution if we were to compete….ANYWAYS WE WENT! it was a fairly good tournament however take nothing away from the other state teams but constantly whilst watching there games especially the boys, i felt as if they were to come up against a NSW side it would have been almost certain domination. In our division, out of 8 teams only one team held us to a scoreline of under 10 and that was the Victorian City girls…who as always proved to be excellent opposition.

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