5 Star Player Profile – Dean Lockhart


Name Dean Lockhart
Nickname Bully
Date of Birth 30.4.1987
State/Country you play Futsal in NSW, Australia
What got you started in Futsal? My Dad played
What age did you start playing? 7
Preferred on field position Pivot
Current Team/Club you play for Campbelltown City Quake
Hardest Futsal opponent Lachlan Wright
Favourite Meal Penne Napolitana
Favourite Hobby Surfing, Snowboarding
Favourite Team Manchester United
Favourite Sportsperson Tiger Woods, Roger Federer, Muhammed Ali
Favourite Music Indie/Alternative
Most Memorable Futsal moment on or off the court Being presented with my Debut Australain jersey, scoring on debut, and representing Australia at the AFC Championships 08'
Which coach would you say influenced you the most in Futsal and at what age? My dad at age 7, he brought me into the sport and also the help from Scott Gilligan for honing my skills since age 9
What was the best tip you’ve ever been taught in Futsal? "No silly flicks into the middle of the court" - quote courtesy of Simon Keith.
What goals do you still want to achieve in Futsal? Represent my country at a Futsal World Cup
List 3 people you would love to have over for dinner Tiger Woods, Will Ferrell and Miranda Kerr

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  1. Hey Bully, congratualations. One of my favourite players, plays hard but fair, never takes a backward step, always strikes towards the goals. Can you rub off some of your talent on my son, have a chat with him No. 64 in the Quake 12’s. Go bully. Thanks.

  2. we just googled your name and found you……….. quite the little futsal player arent you? its no national soccer team but we still love ya

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