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There have been a few questions come up in conversations recently inquiring about the FFA Futsal Review. Below we have some summary information for those of you who are interested, courtesy of Frank Rossi.

Its the intention of FFA to conduct an independent national review of Futsal. This review is a key undertaking in the process of producing a dedicated Futsal Development Plan, a stated objective in the FFA National Football Development Plan which was released some time ago. In that document – It is Football Federation Australia’s stated aim to further develop the game of Futsal in Australia.

To achieve that aim FFA has engaged Sport Business Partners (SBP), a sport business consultancy firm based in Melbourne, to undertake an independent national review of Futsal.

The Review Objectives are to conduct an independent review of the national structure and governance of Futsal operations and that of its Member Federations for the purpose of preparing a dedicated Futsal Development Plan and The Review deliverables are as follows:

  • Provide a detailed description and analysis of the current arrangements for the delivery of Futsal in Australia including the roles of key stakeholders; 
  • Describe and analyse how Futsal should be delivered, having regard to stakeholder feedback and best practice principles and practices; 
  • Identify gaps between the current and preferred arrangements for the delivery of Futsal, which, if not remedied, will impede the sport’s ability to achieve the goals outlined in the FFA’s NFDP;
  • Recommend changes to remedy any gaps identified; 
  • Propose a strategy for the adoption and implementation of the report’s recommendations; and
  • Brief key stakeholders on the report findings and recommendations and obtain feedback.

The intended time frame will have a final report of the Review by 28 November 2008 with a presentation to the FFA Board and key stakeholders by 5 December 2008. Completion of an addendum to the final report following post-report consultations by 20 December 2008.

Consultations will involve, but are not limited to, the following:

  • FFA Futsal Standing Committee members.
  • Member Federation’s CEO’s.
  • Member Federation’s dedicated Futsal personnel, including Outdoor and Futsal Coach and Refereeing Development Managers.
  • National sampling of Local Government and Commercial Futsal providers.
  • National sampling of outdoor FFA football clubs and players.
  • National sampling of FFA Futsal players.
  • FFA National Technical Director, National Refereeing Manager and National Coach Education Manager.
  • International Research, benchmarking top Futsal ranked nations.

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  1. Just interested to know who out there has been invited to or has given input into this futsal review.

    All we know that the company doing the review is from victoria.

    Where are they getting the info from, is it from the state football bodies, if it is then it’s a waste of time.

    This review will decide how futsal is going to be run!

    SO HOW ABOUT THE FFA GIVING THE FUTSAL PEOPLE THE CHANCE TO GIVE SOME INPUT, that includes everyone from players, ceo’s, coaches,parents,teachers.

    Who is giving the input, the AFL, rugby league,union, or outdoor soccer clubs.

    I notice the feedback will be given to state bodies, how many of these have anyone with futsal at heart or really know the game.

    So could anyone who has contributed to the review please let us know.

    Until We hear that people with credibility and have futsal as a stand alone sport at heart have been approached, do we assume the FFA is not fair dinkum.

    Does anyone know anything?

  2. Can’t find a copy of this latest review on line (I assume it’s finalized by now) found the 2003 Crawford report – that was an interesting read.

    Anyone know where I can find a copy of this latest independent review?

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