Sydney Magic Premier League Players of the Week (NSW)


Sydney Magic has published their Players of the Week for the first two Rounds of the NSW Premier League today. We have combined them into this one article :

The Players of the Week are are awarded to a Male, Female, Goal Keeper and Team each week as a result of their performances.

The awards are not given to players who have scored the most goals or dribbled the most but more so for an overall performance and their part in the teams performance.

Whilst there are 80 players in the club it is very hard to single one out but we will try our best.

Players of the Week – Round 1 vs Campbelltown Quake (original article here including player pics)

 Male Player of the week – Anthony Poniris u/16 Boys

After a year out, Anthony was back to his predatory best scoring four spectacular goals and having a hand in two others. With his devastating left foot causing massive problems for his Quake defenders all day, the team’s 5th goal saw Anthony beat a player down the line and cut it back for a back post tap in was the icing on the cake on a fantastic performance.

Female Player of the week – Natalie Spirovski Open Womens

The reigning Most Valuable Player was just in a class of her own in Round one. Natski tore through the Quake team like a warm knife through butter, mesmerizing defenders at will. Scorer of two goals and assisting in two of the other three, Natski currently is in career best form, even surpassing last seasons award winning performances.

Goal Keeper of the week – Peter Spathis Open Mens.

Even in defeat Spath was at his cat-like best, making numerous to draw saves keeping at times our under pressure side in the hunt. Spath made numerous top draw saves. His communication and positioning was also at its best, rarely standing on his goal line to be the teams last defender whilst his distribution also resulted in many of the teams attacks.

Team of the week – u/16 Boys

Dylan and Carmines team were at their devastating best in Round 1, comprehensively smashing their opponents to the tune of 8 goals to 1. The boys were too big, too sharp, and simply too good. The amazing thing was the outstanding performance even without stars George Khoury, Clayton Musumeci and Peter Dimitropolous.

Players of the Week – Round 2 vs Sydney City Eagles (original article here including player pics)

Male Player of the week – Andres Vais u/14 Boys

Against his former club Andres was a one man wrecking machine. The kid is an extraordinary player who not only scores goals at will but is unselfish to the point he will give up easy goals to lay the ball to a better positioned team mate. The scorer of two goals and then had a hand in another, Andres has been in tremendous form and his hospitable performance by not celebrating against his former club is a true indication of a great kid.

Female Player of the week – Natasha Lo Giudice u/16 Girls & Open Womens

Tasha was unstoppable vs the Eagles in both grades played in. As the clubs best female target, Tash has been relied heavily upon this season to not just score goals but hold the ball up so our attack can function to its best. On the weekend Tash was at her best in both categories and when she can combine both like she did on the weekend the kid is unstoppable.

Goal Keeper of the week – Peter Spathis Open Mens.

The man with the amazing reflexes proved again on the weekend why he is currently Australia’s best custodian. Spath made some brilliant point blank saves and at times when the team was under pressure his saves kept them in the match. First rate distribution yet again.

Team of the week – Open Womens

With starting players Clare Tyson and co captain Rose-Marie Scarlato both absent, the girls still played a brand of futsal that was not only entertaining but extremely dominant right from the kickoff. Against a side that had many NSW Thunder players in their squad our young women with an average age of 17 proved that they can mix it with the best squads this competition has to offer. An extremely pleasing result for a team still learning their craft.

Source : Sydney Magic PCYC
Published : 16/10/2008

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  1. how can a womens team be awarded team of the week when that score may very well not stand?

    like playing a game of outdoor winning then down comes the rain, it is postponed, in the rematch the opposition win and that original game stands for nothing.

  2. Its not about the win, its about overall performance. They gave Keeper of the week to Peter in round 1 even though the men lost that match.

  3. that game still stood as a game (mens) result has been taken

    womens game is not an actual game (not classified as a scheduled game till reuslt is done)

    So if a friendly game is being played mid week? that team who plays friendly can still get team of the week?

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