Victoria Under 16 girls salute at National Futsal Championships


The under 16 girls Victorian team was crowned Australian champion for their age at the National Schools Futsal Championships in Sydney.

The girls had a 3-1 win over Central Coast team Narara Valley High School in a tough final.

Gioia McGrory-Perich got the Vics off to a flying start when she scored first, and she capped it off with just three seconds to go in the match to complete a brace.

Michelle Duffy also saluted in the final.

Congratulations to all squads who competed at the recent National Schools Futsal Championships held in Sydney, especially the under 16 Victorian team who was crowned champion.

Hosted by Football NSW in conjunction with Football Federation Australia, the Championships featured some of the very best school age players across Australia.

Victoria was represented with four squads competing in the Under 16 and Under 14 Boys and Under 16 and Under 15 Girls age groups.

The Under 16 Girls team, Coached by Juan Hompart and Team Manager Deidre Burggraaf went on to win the championships, whilst the Under 14 Boys team narrowly missed out a place in the Grand Final losing in the Semi Finals.

A full list of results will be posted in due course.

Football Federation Victoria would like to congratulate all players and officials who took part in the tour.

Source : Football Federation Victoria
Published : 3/10/2008

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  1. great to see Victoria under 16Girls do so well….and win the national titles.
    but… i have it on good authority that they to play a NSW U16 girls team…not once, but twice during this tournament…does any one know what the scores were ? it was billed as the “State of Origin “…please if somebody knows if this was played and the scores, can they advise this forum…or have it posted on the fnsw web site.

  2. yeas this team played a State of Origin with a NSW select side (from NSW premier league) i think they lost 8-1 and 5-1 could be wrong but i know they lost both games. werenot a bad side

  3. Why was it billed as “State of origin” John ( and who really cares) ???? Every other game in Dandenongs 15 court 3 day VIKINGS Schools National Titles could have been called State of Origin…BUT THEY WEREN’T !!! Please go to bed and give it a rest !

  4. Fred, thanks for the feedback, so NSW beat the VIC Team ( who won the National titles in Penrith ) 8-1 …ok ………be interesting for any feedbck from the Vic’s to see how these NSW girls performed.

    F.SALA.. as for you, I was told from reible sources that it was billed as a “state of origin “so the NSW girls ( who wanted to go to Melb and play in the other National Schools tournament didnt feel too bad …since they were told they could not go.
    Most of these same girls , and the ” coach” apparently went down to Vic toria last year and from all accounts enjoyed the experience …all they wanted to do was play …and apparently the did just that showing some great skill

    That aside, FUTSAL should be united and it should be run by the ” best ” body that has the interest of all the kids at heart, not just for money grabbers……

    your thoughts….

  5. I think you will find children are not that stupid …. they see one tournament that they wanted to go to with 6 states and NZ and they see another playing one state in a 2/3 game series…. a name is not going to fool them.

    Agree John…. who do you refer to as the money grabbers in this sport ?

  6. I agree John, the “best” body should run Futsal in Australia. The body that has the interest of futsal 1st.

    That rules out the FIFA, FFA, State football bodies and independent centre operators.

    Who does it leave John ?

    (clue…..The body that currently runs the largest comps in the country? – begins with a “V” I believe ?)

  7. George, the ” money grabbers” are the ones that dont have the kids, nor the best interest of the sport in mind….and just want ot make money.
    Im not one for not making money…money does make the world go round ( just go ask Bush) but im not for poeple making money and pocketing it …..and not giving it back to develop the sport.

    i think Futsal is on an expedential growth phase…and it is just starting….lets do it right, lets have the poeple involved that want to give something back.

    Believe me, a high tide rises all ships…..

  8. Is Rudd your second name John ? I thought George and I gave you every opportunity to be specific, but you bottled it !
    Tell us all who and what you think is best for the sport ???

  9. F.SALA, then if this is the case, lets organise a meeting with the FFA, better still with Frank Lowy, :

    lets structure an agenda, lets have some heavy weights attend the meeting, get a good business plan ………….and lets make it happen……this time for real…..oh and by the way , by some heavyweights i dont meet “those” heavyweights, but some captains of industry who are passionate and want this to succeed….

    any comments

  10. How much passion for futsal would Frank Lowey have John ? He’s still struggling with financial problems in the A-league (not his own personal problems ! lol)

    Having the FFA hands on would be like Woolworths nurturing ALDI ! Come on John , think outside the square………FOOTBALL IS NOT the answer ! They have shown that over the past decade or so . If they for one minute put futsal before football they should all be sacked !

  11. So john
    if the ‘ money grabbers’ are the ones who don’t have the kids, don’t have the best interest of the sport in mind and don’t put money back into the game , then are you referring to the state football bodies or Vikings ?

  12. Hey John, do you think this is only an Australian problem? Most countries I have been to have the same issues. Football want to run but don’t want ownership but wont invest. In the USA Futsal is not part of Football (They don’t won’t them) so when it comes to the 1 world cup once every 4 years they send a team of guys from MILS (which is basically rebound) Canada have decided there is no point following through with Futsal and have started their own 7 a side football. In Thailand the National teams are run by a wealth guy, New Zealand is the same as Australia where the football assoc does nothing…… the list goes on.

    Football Assoc think they can bully Futsal because they can drop the name FIFA ooooooh…. heavy stuff. the FFA (and most other national football Assocs) mean very little to most Futsal players because the do so little

  13. george, not sure, im sure that the state bodies dont put anything back…thats a given and the proof will be exposed soon, as for Vikings, im not an expert enough to know if the money is going back in or if its filling up the coffers of those few who run it….maybe someone from Vikings can enlighten us……

  14. I’ll give you one thing John. your big enough to admit that you don’t know enough.

    My knowledge of them is they are a not for profit (or non profit, apparently the wording is important) sporting organisation. Profits made are returned to the sport.

    People on here think that if you employ someone you are pocketing the money where as they are in reality a resource to the sport. Most of the posts on Futsal 4 all refering to Vikings making money come from Football assoc people who perhaps a re a little jealous …….. perhaps.

    I don’t know a sporting organistion in the world that dosn’t want to make a profit.

  15. John, if you come on here with an opinion, please have the size 4’s to tell us what you feel or know? You’ve gone from grey area to grey area and only admitted youre not an expert on anything ?

  16. F.SALA, thank you for your kind words, however toepoke did answer the question quite clear…..if the dough is going back , then im for it . of course you need to keep a kitty for a rainly day , so the concept of not for profit works well here….one would assume.

  17. WOW “state of origin”………… hahaha

    seriously FFA let the kids play in the tournaments they want to play in and stop destroying the sport with the “fifa approved line” which surprisingly enough doesn’t help the sport that much………

    lets try……. “fifa approved”………. “fifa approved”………. “fifa approved”……………..

    na didn’t help……. but i just did as much work on futsal as most state football bodies do on a monthly basis just then!!!

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