Women get World Cup Dream Underway (Vikings) – Updated


The Australian women got their Futsal world cup underway in fantastic style.

In their first appearance at the World Cup the girls lead the way by defeating Italy 11-2 in their opening match (Seyma 3, Jo Burgess 2, April Mann 2, Jasmine Kent 1, Jade Banks 1, Lailey Tanson 1, Sarah Garven 1).

Their next game was against Paraguay who drew 3 all with Italy yesterday and a win here will see the Australians through to the next round which will put them in cup contention.

Australia 4 Paraguay 0 (Jo Burgess 2, Sarah Garven 1, April Mann 1)

Australia 2 Catalonia 3 (Jo Burgess 2) – Note Catalonia went on to Win the Tournament.

Australia 4 Venzuela 3 (Jo Burgess 2, Hammond 1, Kent 1) 

Playoff for 5th/6th : Argentina 5 Australia 0

Congratulations to Jo Burgess for winning the Golden Boot Trophy for the tournament (8 Goals).

Teams that competed : Catalonia (Tournament Winners), Colombia, Czech Republic, Australia, Paraguay, Italy, Belgium, Argentina, Venezuela, Ukraine, Galicia, Russia


AMF Womens World Cup 2008 : Australian Vikings Women vs Italy from Futsal4All on Vimeo.

AMF Womens World Cup 2008 : Australian Vikings Women vs Paraguay from Futsal4All on Vimeo.

AMF Womens World Cup 2008 : Australian Vikings Women vs Catalonia from Futsal4All on Vimeo.

Source : Vikings Futsal
Thanks to Jade for the regular updates
First Published : 1/10/2008

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  1. You may not have them in Sydney yet Simon, but their is a fairly new invention called a telephone ! (Sorry naturally, I dont want to spoil your fun !).

    How did the rest of the country join Vikings, Simon ???

  2. Yeah, very droll F.SALA, but you know as well as I do that it doesn’t quite work like that.

    However, I’m surprised that you are not aware of the Vikings recent presence in Sydney. I would imagine a few NSW teams will be entering Vikings Nationals now if they can back up from the Canberra nationals on the previous week.

  3. No I didn’t know Vikings were in Sydney ! I didn;t know BOB RASO was the VIKINGS contact there and I also didn’t know his mob No is ……………………… !!!! Gotta get up earlier than that Simon !

    Many NSW teams will not be going to Canberra and will chose to play in Sydney. Personally I would like to see all teams playing together but the FFA see it differently to me !

  4. Petty games F.SALA. I thought you were smarter than that.

    (Metro) NSW will still have a full compliment in Canberra due to weight of numbers playing in their competitions, but it will be interesting to see how many Metro NSW teams get a gig in the Vikings comp in Sydney, which I hope will be played on International size courts for the older age groups.

    I too would like to see all this mess sorted out and a combined championships. I have no quarrel with the Vikings but I guess that people on both sides need to pull their heads in.

  5. Never overestimate me Simon ! You are right, Sydney has never really acknowledged the rest of NSW country areas as being part of NSW futsal. SNSW and NNSW will be entering the Vikings Nationals. My only fear for the Canberra Nats (of which I played and coached for many years) is that it deteriorates to Sydney v ACT with a few interstate soccer teams to make up some numbers of respectability. That does our beloved sport no good whatsoever.

  6. I still think there will be representation from SNSW and NNSW in Canberra as Country areas still seem to be split between Vikings and non-Vikings.

    Any news on the venues for the Vikings nationals?

  7. Sorry I meant Sydney and Newcastle v Act ! No news on venues for Vikings nationals ,theyre still locked in as they were…………….. nothings changed to my knowledge.

  8. Look can I be tiotally honest when I say I never would ahve expected to make the side… I never once said I would.. all I have said is I am proud of those girls whom many of them are my mates and Ihave played this game as long as I have so to see them go overseas and represent gives me nothing but pride.. So read into it as you like.. I will say however the players you mentioned all quality players… But I guess when Leddy and Gilbs (prob top 2 player with jodie bain in country) don’t trial what choice do we have… And Nat was in our state team.. But hey I am happy to continue to play whilst I am being selected and I will continue to be proud of representing and captaining my state whilst ever my legs work. Cause I may not have the skill but I knwo the game, and you all may see it differently but that does go a long way in this game….
    So thanks for compliment 4naught your pure class hiding behind an alias…
    and vic we shall see come nationals, cause for an over the hill team I do believe ahem, we have won nationals the past 3 years.. Thats right the past 3 years.. Fluke?????? I think not… So maybe players are ok, and our coach, pretty good I reckon… pretty damn successful and longest winning streak since I been playign womens( yep thats 10 years now LOL) so I reckon I have right to comment….

    But I am not taking it away from the girls whom went away congrats you did us proud and I couldnt be happier for the girls…..

  9. Oh and thanks for your support jenny your a champ hey…. LOL to those hiding behind aliases ya wanna criticise me do it to my face or at least tell me who you are…..

  10. well said frags,
    too many jealous people in this sport, its those people that destroy it.
    seems anyone can post a comment here behind alias since no registration requiered, thats an open invite for trouble.

  11. congrats to all the girls that went to reus…. great to see an australian womens team actually tour somewhere. Regardless of whom made the team i think it’s a great start. hopefully the first of many tours still too come. very proud of all the girls and coaching staff.

  12. I don’t know Jenny. Maybe people can say what they really feel this way, instead of being concerned about any backlash in person.
    A forum like this was probably long overdue. Doesn’t matter ‘who’ says what, it is ‘what’ they say that will be heard.

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