5 Star Player Profile – Jacob Opacak


Name Jacob Opacak
Nickname Snopak
Date of Birth 22.5.1996
State/Country you play Futsal in NSW Australia
What got you started in Futsal? Playing with a bunch of outdoor soccer mates
What age did you start playing? 8
Preferred on field position Target
Current Team/Club you play for Under 12’s Sutherland Shire Futsal Association
Hardest Futsal opponent Benfica
Favourite Meal Burritos
Favourite Hobby Lego, Soccer in backyard, Nintendo DS
Favourite Team Chelsea FC
Favourite Sportsperson Juliano Belletti, Frank Lampard
Favourite Music Daft Punk
Most Memorable Futsal moment on or off the court Scoring from halfway of a deflection from my knee
Which coach would you say influenced you the most in Futsal and at what age? Lee Pepper at age 12
What was the best tip you’ve ever been taught in Futsal? Knee over the ball
What goals do you still want to achieve in Futsal? To make the Australian Futsal side
List 3 people you would love to have over for dinner Frank Lampard, Deli Lama, Steven Gerrard

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