5 Star Player Profile – Tobias Seeto


Name Tobias Seeto
Nickname Toby
Date of Birth 26.3.1988
State/Country you play Futsal in NSW Australia
What got you started in Futsal? A love for football
What age did you start playing? Under 10's
Preferred on field position Cierre (Pivot in Australian terms)
Current Team/Club you play for Dural
Hardest Futsal opponent Fernandao and Euler
Favourite Meal Pasta or noodles
Favourite Hobby Eating
Favourite Team Interviu Fadesa and Man Utd
Favourite Sportsperson Cesc Fabregas
Favourite Music Anything
Most Memorable Futsal moment on or off the court Lining up for a Spanish first division match
Which coach would you say influenced you the most in Futsal and at what age? Rob Varela and Tony Chan though 16’s – Youth at Dural
What was the best tip you’ve ever been taught in Futsal? When you’re defending a 2v1 situation and the ball is passed to a free player behind you, stay with the man without the ball and trust the goal keeper. You won’t catch the other player, and it is harder for them to score a 1v1 because your player doesn’t reach the far post for an easy tap-in
What goals do you still want to achieve in Futsal? To make it overseas, achieve more caps for Australia and eventually move into coaching.
List 3 people you would love to have over for dinner Jason Culina, Kevin Rudd and my girlfriend

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