Experience No Hurdle for Mountain Cats (QLD)


First timers ‘Ris’, where victors at the Pan Pacific Futsal over 40’s comp, which was held at Carrara on the Gold Coast earlier this month.

Ris’ translated means Lynx, and all 9 members of the team used every characteristic of the southern European wild cat to progress through the rounds, across the week long event.

Having never played Futsal before, the whilly veterans sharpened their teeth for the tournament via a Saturday afternoon competition held in Brisbane’s New Farm Park.

The ‘small football’ as they call it, has been going for nearly 9 years. They play with 1.5m x 1.2m sized goals, standardly with no goal keeper. The size of the park fields alter subject to how many players arrive on any particular Saturday.

Team spokesman Ino Kotur, reckons that the unusual version of the game keeps many a passing New Farm resident greatly entertained.

They should be even easier to find on Saturday afternoons now, with the glimmering shine of their gold medals being draped around their necks.

Source : Vikings Futsal
Published : 21/11/2008

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