Sutherland under 9s Success a Parents Perspective (NSW)


On Saturday morning 25th October, 2008 our house hold was up & awake getting ready for an exciting weekend ahead. Our Under 9’s boys representing Sutherland Shire Futsal Association (SSFA) ventured to Penrith for the; Football NSW Futsal State Championships 2008.

After arriving and having to be one of the first bright and early games, there was a lot of excitement in the air, as the crowds started to roll in the stadium. There was lots of talk between the boys and Coach Jim Apostolovski, and not to mention the parents and supporters of Sutherland.

It was the boy’s first completion game as a team representing SSFA, and they wanted to make sure that they made their Association proud by getting off to a good start.

With a fantastic start to the first match the boys didn’t look a bit nervous at all winning 6-1. Excited with the win they were feeling confident and strong. And why wouldn’t they, dominating the second and third game with scores 10 -0 for both games, it was astonishing!
Temperatures were rising and everybody could feel the heat in the stadium, let alone how the boys were feeling.

Last match for the day 4pm, the boys were looking tired and sweaty from the heat, but ready! Coach Jim had his talk to the boys and fired them up. Whistle blew and spectators, parents and supporters of SSFA were on the edge of their seats. With some close calls from both teams an entertaining game to watch. Final result was 3 – 1 we won! Everyone was happy and relieved the boys were exhausted. We are all proud of them with the enormous effort they put into their games!

Sunday morning was quarter final day. Arriving there, I started to feel nervous for the boys coffee time. I turned around to look at my son he was focused, cool, calm, relaxed and humble- as always. I could feel his confidence and he knew it was going to be a good day. We all were seated. Coach Jim and boys were ready for kick off. The game was so close at the start, but the boys spread their wings and flew this one home 6 – 2.

They were on a high and nothing was going to stop them. Confidence was sky high. And they knew it was only going to get harder.

Semi Final was a nail biting game. It could have gone either way. But thanks to our goalkeeper his goal was enough to take us to the finals. The boys screamed and cheered after that fantastic goal 2 – 1 The finals, so close the boys were feeling a little nervous and hot. This was it mixed emotions running through our minds, as we supported them. The roaring crowd and fans from both sides were vocal in every way. Under pressure and the intensity levels from both teams it was one all halftime. Some fantastic saves from both keepers. Second half the boys gave it all they had. Tired, fatigued the boys played hard even asking the coach to subbed for a minute to catch their breath. With persistence we scored taking it to 2 – 1. Only a couple of minutes left they battled like champion’s victory was only a few seconds away. Whistle blew, it was over. With much relieve, joy and happiness from the crowds the boys played fantastic who battled like true champions and brought home a well deserved trophy.

Well done; Jason Mazevski, Christian Lorenzato, Michael Panebianco, Patrick Stefadouros, Anthony Nizic, Jackson Volarich, Matthew Udovcic and Alex Malfara. Thank you to the coach Jim Apostolovski, SSFA President Jonathon Simnett, parents and supporters for a fantastic weekend.

Source : Sutherland Shire Futsal
By : Liz Mazevski
Published : 31/10/2008

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