5 Star Player Profile – Michael Trajkovski


Name Michael Trajkovski
Nickname Mike
Date of Birth 19.05.1997
State/Country you play Futsal in NSW Australia
What got you started in Futsal? Love of the game
What age did you start playing? 8
Preferred on field position Pivot/Flanker
Current Team/Club you play for Sydney Benfica FC
Hardest Futsal opponent Sydney Magic PCYC
Favourite Meal Pasta
Favourite Hobby Football
Favourite Team Man Utd & Liverpool
Favourite Sportsperson Cristiano Ronaldo & Torres
Favourite Music Hip Hop & Rap
Most Memorable Futsal moment on or off the court All my State Championship Titles
Which coach would you say influenced you the most in Futsal and at what age? Lorenzo D’Addona 10 Years Old
What was the best tip you’ve ever been taught in Futsal? Step Overs
What goals do you still want to achieve in Futsal? Play overseas
List 3 people you would love to have over for dinner Cristiano Ronaldo, Torres & Gerrard

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  1. CAPTAIN….Excellent National Championship you had at Canberra

    You lead by example.

    A little more luck on our side…results couldve been a little different !

    Keep up your training and that focus we talked about. Benfica are fortunate to have rising young talent like you in the club.

    Areas of improvemnet…..lol
    1. Bigger bombs in the pool (smashing your state coach)
    2. Beating coach in Bowling…… lol as if….you cant do that…I challenge YOU

    REMEMBER ONE THING…we talked about in Canberra…..I still have that bent spoon that we want to snap next year !!!!

    Oh yes…and i am growing my hair till next year….so you and your team mates have more hair to shave off…

    Last advise….you keep on listening to your dad…he is your role model


    Jimmy (11s NSW Lightning Coach)

  2. Hey Mike, Keep up the good work, your a little star, good luck to Benfica in 09/10 Premier Leaque, look out, they will rock.

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