5 Star Player Profile – Luke Pereira


Name Luke Pereira
Nickname Lukeey
Date of Birth 18.07.1997
State/Country you play Futsal in NSW Australia
What got you started in Futsal? An old outdoor soccer coach recommended it
What age did you start playing? 9
Preferred on field position Target, Flanker
Current Team/Club you play for Campbelltown City Quake U/12s
Hardest Futsal opponent NSW Thunder U/11s 2008
Favourite Meal Ugali (Polenta mixed with semolina)
Favourite Hobby Riding the billy-kart that Dad and I built
Favourite Team Liverpool, My team
Favourite Sportsperson Zenidine Zidane
Favourite Music Anything that gets me pumped for a game especially AC/DC, Queen, Flo-rida, Nelly, Ludacris, Dizzee rascal, Akon, Rhianna, Michael Jackson, Led Zeppelin, MGMT
Most Memorable Futsal moment on or off the court Scoring a cracking equalizer and then a great winner to win my weekly futsal comp Grand Final.
Which coach would you say influenced you the most in Futsal and at what age? Lorenzo D’addona, 10 years old (2008)
What was the best tip you’ve ever been taught in Futsal? Attack is the best form of defence
What goals do you still want to achieve in Futsal? Keep on playing the game I love
List 3 people you would love to have over for dinner Nelson Mandela, Zico, Albert Einstein, and anyone else who wants to come along, or anyone else who is willing to eat my food.

Luke Pereira

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  1. Hey, nice look Luke. I enjoy playing with you, stay true to your dream. Quake rocks, all the rest are just teams but Quake is a club, go quake.

  2. You are a very good soccer player, play soccer from the heart, express yourself. Quake rocks and so do you.

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