FFA Nationals 2009 – MVPs and Golden Boot Winners – Updated


Football Australia LogoBelow are the MVP’s from the 2009 FFA National Futsal Championships. Tournament and Grand Final MVP’s are first, followed by the Golden Boot winners.

Tournament MVP

11 Boys : Jacob Connelly (Queensland)
11 Girls : Jordan McConnell (NSW Thunder)
12 Boys : Robert Perre (NSW Thunder)
12 Girls : Alysse Tasevski (NSW Thunder)
13 Boys : Santino Calvaresi (South Australia)
13 Girls : Vanish Kumar (NSW Thunder)
14 Boys : Christopher Burg (Northern NSW Hornets)
14 Girls : Doris Osman (NSW Thunder)
15 Boys : Marko Miljkovic (NSW Lightning)
15 Girls : Ann Mayo (Southern NSW Sting)
16 Boys : Scott Ditton (Northern NSW Hornets)
16 Girls : Lani Honecker (NSW Lightning)
Youth Men : Taylor Beaton (ACT Cobras)
Youth Women : Tairn Powell (Southern NSW Sting)
Open Men : Ben Muzyka (Queensland)
Open Women : Kat Smith (Victoria)

Grand Final MVP

11 Boys : Jesse Mills-Warthold (Victoria)
11 Girls : Rhianna Pollicina (NSW Thunder)
12 Boys : Aaron Calver (NSW Thunder)
12 Girls : Zoe Gomez (NSW Thunder)
13 Boys : John Buceto (Victoria)
13 Girls : Elizabeth Ralston (NSW Thunder)
14 Boys : Daniel Vellonio (NSW Thunder)
14 Girls : Doris Osman (NSW Thunder)
15 Boys : Bruno Pivato (NSW Thunder)
15 Girls : Jasmine Kasic (NSW Lightning)
16 Boys : Shervin Adeli (NSW Thunder)
16 Girls : Natasha LoGiudice (NSW Thunder)
Youth Men : Still to be announced
Youth Women : Lauren Vosta (NSW Lightning)
Open Men : Adrian Vizzari (NSW Thunder)
Open Women : Natalie Spirovski (NSW Thunder)

Golden Boot Winners

Youth Women : Caitlin Danyi & Tairn Powell (Southern NSW)
Youth Men : Jack Ducommun (ACT Cobras)
Open Men : Elia Salloum (ACT Cobras)
Open Women : Hayley Buckingham (NSW Thunder)

Note Golden Boot stats were only collected for the Youth and Open divisions.

2009 FFA Nationals 12 Boys Tournament MVP - Robert Perre

2009 FFA Nationals 12 Boys Tournament MVP - Robert Perre

2009 FFA Nationals 14 Boys Tournament MVP - Christopher Burg

2009 FFA Nationals 14 Boys Tournament MVP - Christopher Burg

** Note : If any players or parents would like to include pictures of each of the winners named above, please email them in to admin@futsal4all.com and we will add them to this article **

Source : Capital Football
Published : 12/1/2009

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    Capital Football have confirmed today that there will not be any individual MVP points lists published from the Championships.

  2. When will the list of the top goal scorers in each age group be published? Similiar to previous years stats.

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  4. There was at least one recipient of the MVP that quite a few thought did not deserve it. This person has received it more than once, and a few are starting to wonder how. The player didn’t even play half a game in the grand final.

  5. Well done Robbie you we a class act, who said you need to be the tallest player on the court to be the best….

  6. HEY ROBBIE, Congratulations on the awardand you really deserved it and one more thing.

  7. What is the point of Capital football not releasing the MVP points for all the players?
    I am sure players would like to know where they ranked. Surely players would be encouraged by knowing their own points and how they faired against their peers. It is a competition after all and is supposed to be the one to strive towards. I suggest if players would like to know where they ranked, contact Capital football and request the information. It shouldn’t be a secret if there is nothing to hide and every player has already signed release of information forms etc.

  8. ya know……….. this could be cos it’s a team game………… TEAM!!!!

    that is aLL

  9. is my name to be announced,, wat tha hell.. i won playa of tha final for tha youth age group and my name isnt on tha site,, tha only name to be missing frm all tha playas of tha finals and it had to be my name,, let me ask something is that racism or not?? lol jokes,, whers RUDD wen u need him haha lol.. .. well pleaz put my name on tha site very quikly pleaz,, coz im aboiginal and my name aint up ther lol jokes,,,…

    lataz FOGGA tha 1 & only #44

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