Robina State High School Futsal Excellence Program (QLD)


Robina State High SchoolThe Futsal Excellence Program at Robina State High School on the Gold Coast has been established for 10 years.

The program has numerous aspects including:
• Excellence class for senior students; 6 lessons a week including theoretical and practical work
• Excellence class for students in year 9; 4 lessons a week including theoretical and practical work
• Robina Futsal Club; students play, referee and administrate the club
• Our students coach students at local primary schools that compete in an annual tournament
• Organising tournaments to compete against other High Schools
• Competing in tournaments run by other organisations
• Training for teams in all ages groups and both genders

In 2009 the number of students who have been enrolled in the program since it began will pass 500. Most of these students joined the program when they entered high school and were still in the program when they graduated year 12. Graduates of the program continue to be involved by coaching teams.

If you know of any tournaments school teams can enter please contact Daniel Hoey, ph 07 55 623 444 or email dhoey4@eq.edu.au as Robina High would be interested in attending.

If you would like more information regarding Robina High’s Futsal Excellence Program contact us or visit our website Robina SHS Futsal Excellence Program.

Source : Daniel Hoey, Robina State High School
Published : 19/1/2009

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  1. Wish some of our High Schools would have an iniative like this in NSW. Wonderful idea and sounds like a Futsal kids heaven (apart from the school bit).

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