2009 FFAA National Interstate Club Championship


Logo - FFAA Futsal 5 A-Side AustraliaThe 2009 event saw 35 teams from New Zealand, Coniston, Illawarra, Canberra, Central Coast, Willoughby, Gosford, Windsor and Kings Langly participate in Open Men’s & Ladies, 16/17’s, 14’s, 13’s and 11/12’s events.

The Futsal 5 A-Side Australia executive would like to thank all teams who participated in the 2009 Inter-State Club Championships. Plans for the 2010 event are already underway with details to be provided on this page as they are finalised.

Feedback, from coaches, participants and spectators has been captured and will be incorporated into to format and running of the tournament in 2010.

A big thank you to the canteen staff at the Hills Sports Stadium who like in 2008 worked tirelessly to provide food and drink for those in attendance, also the cleaners who made sure the stadium was spotless at the beginning of each days play.

The executive looks forward to seeing you all again in 2010, when sides from New Zealand, Melbourne, the Philippines and a few of our smaller pacific island neighbours are anticipated as joining our competition.

2009 – FFAA Inter-State Club Championship Results

Men’s – Pool A
Iraq (New Zealand) 4 -2 over Black Knights (Coniston)

Men’s – Pool B
The Pool (Coniston) 4-3 over Central Coast Commets (Central Coast)

Dolphins (Coniston) 7-1 over Central Coast Commets (Central Coast)

Gavers & Company (Central Coast) 5-4 over Coniston Party Boys (Coniston)

Timber Wolves Blue ( Canberra) 5-2 over  Cougars (Willoughby)

Riverview Celtic (Willoughby) 5-3 over Incredibles (Willoughby)

11/12’s – Pool A
Boomerang FS (Canberra) 7-2 over Boomers (Central Coast)

11/12’s – Pool B
Boltz 12 Girls (Central Coast) 3-2 over Lane Cover Rangers (Willoughby)

Congratulations to all who participated and maintained a great Code of Conduct both on and off the court throughout the whole weekend – see the Tournament panel on the [FFAA] home page for a link to photos of the winning and runner-up teams plus many photos taken throughout the tournament.

Whilst all events (doesn’t matter what sport) do receive some negative feedback, the little information FFAA received is seen as an opportunity to further improve next years event and plans are underway to review the process for age identification in the junior teams, remove the capability for player sharing – all ages, involve teams in event scoring and seek referees from participating clubs plus allowing more time at half time.

The date and venue are also under review as the next Inter-State Championship to be held again in Sydney will see additional sides joining who have already expressed their interest in participating.

Overcoming months details will be provided on this web-site [FFAA] as to the enhancements and decisions that are made.

Pictures of 2009 winners and other shots during the tournament will be available under the Tournaments Tab in the coming week.

Look forward to seeing you again on 2010.

Source : Futsal 5 A-Side Australia
Published : 1/2/2009

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