F4A Gorilla Q&A Competition February 2009


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Futsal4all in conjunction with Gorilla Sports is proud to announce a new monthly competition.

You have a chance to win Futsal and Football related gear from Gorilla Sports each and every month by simply answering a question.

It is open to all ages. Entries will be compiled each month and Gorilla Sports will draw and announce the winner.

The great set of prizes to kick us off for February 2009 are as follows :

  • Gorilla Indoor Futsal Ball
  • Gorilla Playing Shirt
  • Gorilla Playing Short
  • Gorilla Playing Socks
  • Gorilla Outdoor Football

All sizes will be adjusted to suit the winner. Gorilla Sports will be in contact with the winner to confirm the sizes that you want.

If you want to win it simply answer the following Question :

After the referee has signalled for a kick-in to be taken, how long does the player have to put the ball into play?

Note this competition is now closed. Winners will be announced soon.

The deadline for your answers is the Friday the 27th of February 2009 at 3:00pm. Ensure you use a valid email address. If you submit on fake or temporary addresses, your entry will be removed from the competition.

Good luck to everyone!!


Competition FAQ

* Is the competition open to all ages?

Yes. Anyone of any age can enter the comp each month.

* How is the winner chosen?

All entries submitted via email throughout the month are compiled by Gorilla Sports, and the General Manager of Gorilla Sports NSW will draw the winner. All valid entries are numbered as they are received. During the draw itself, all numbers are put into a hat and one is drawn at random. That number is matched to the number of the email that was submitted.

The winner will be announced on Futsal4all.

* Can I enter more than once?

No, one entry per person per month is all that will be covered. You are welcome to submit more, but after your first entry for that month, your other submissions will not be counted.

* But what if I think I got the question wrong and want to try again?

Sorry your first submission will be the only one that is counted.

* If I enter will my email details be used for anything else and will they be passed on to any other companies?

Your email address will be kept on file for the Gorilla Sports Newsletter only. It will not be passed on to any other companies, and will not be used by Futsal4all.

You must use a valid email address. Any addresses that cannot be contacted will be removed from the competition.

* Will it cost me anything to enter?

No there are no costs involved. It will not cost you to enter, or to have the prize shipped to you should you win.

* I entered the comp last month already, does my entry automatically go into the next months competition?

No, you need to submit an entry for each month, as the question will change each time.

* I’ve won, how and when do I get my prize?

Gorilla Sports will contact you via email to let you know and to request your address. You prize can be posted to you (at no cost to you), or depending on your location hand-delivered by Gorilla Sports, or you could even collect it from the Gorilla Sports shop. Where possible we would love to get a shot of you with your newly won gear so we can put it up here on the website.

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