Futsal Super League Semi Final Change of Venue (NSW)


NSW Logo - SmallDue to unfortunate circumstances Bankstown Basketball Stadium is unavailable this weekend.

The Semi finals have been moved to Dural Sport & Leisure Centre this weekend with normal kick off times




Source : Football NSW
Published : 4/2/2009

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  1. So it’s mere coincidence that Dural have 5 teams competing over the weekend – now at their home ground????????????????????

  2. What, you would rather play at Bankstown where the grandstand is practically part of the field of play and the court is about the width of the penalty area? Not to mention the fact that it doesn’t even have a proper halfway line…

  3. CB. don’t you think the teams that are playing should play at a neutral court. dural get a big advantage playing at their home court. its bullocks!!

  4. Ladies and Gents

    This is easly solved.

    Premier League plays at Dural and Super League plays at Menai, given Sutherlands two teams are out.

    Given we are playing Dural in 3 out of the 5 games it doesn’t worry us where we play them. Our bus load of supporters with drums, music and chanting will still be there.

    I can’t think of anything better, than to beat them in their own backyard……………this will be extremely difficult though.

    Warning to people, please bring ear muffs !!!!

    Had a few people say we made too much noise last week.

  5. Benfica supporters making too much noise? Ridiculous!! :P

    Anyway, to the point at hand. Lorenzo makes an excellent point, PL should be played at Dural (this has the added bonus of allowing the PL players to get used to the surface at Dural before Grand Finals) and SL should be at Menai. This seems far too logical for those at FNSW Futsal though….

    Premier. I agree it gives Dural an advantage but playing Semi Finals at Bankstown disadvantages everyone because the field is so poor. Finals futsal should be a spectacle and that just wouldn’t have happened at Bankstown…

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