NSW Premier League Teams of the Week


The latest Team of the week have been published for the NSW Premier League.

Premier League

Mens Team of the Week : GK – Peter Akers (Raiders), Isaac Wadick(Eagles), Miles Downie (Quake), Andres Gomez (Magic), Chris Zaballos (Eagles)
Mens Golden Boot : Yavuz Ekinci 31 goals 14 games, Chris Zaballos 21 goals 12 games, Tuan Cao 15 goals 13 games

Womens Team of the Week : GK – Ashley Brown (Quake), Natalie Spirovski (Magic), Brit Simmons (Raiders), Catherine Cannuli (Vipers), Renee Tompkins (Allstars)
Womens Golden Boot : Laura Elliott 23 goals 12 games, Catherine Cannuli 15 goals 13 games, Kayleigh Koops 14 goals 14 games

Source : Football NSW
Published : 5/2/2009

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  1. So just found out from a little birdie that around 25 players from NSW have been selected in the younger age groups to represent Australian Vikings around the world this year.
    In trying to suss out about the Mens and Womens its all hush hush as they are going to major international tournaments at the end of the year, so this number is without the open numbers.Thats pretty good I reckon….

    Good luck to the ones going to Brazil , the home of Futsal!!!!!
    Now thats opportunity !!!!!


  2. Does anyone kbnow anything about the Vikings Open Men & Women? Who are the coaches? Who are players?

  3. As I previously stated those teams are yet to be announced…. And Coaches yet to be announced also….. Would be fantastic if we had some representation this time round though :)

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