Sutherland under 12 Boys Season in Review (NSW)


Logo - Sutherland ShireA review of the Under 12 Boys Super League ladder after completion of the season’s round of matches indicates that 24 points were required to break into the top 5 and, of course, take part in the semi-final series. The Under 12 Sutherland boys finished the season on 21 points and, effectively, just one win out of breaking into the top 5 in their initial season. Our superior goal difference and that extra win would have ensured a top 5 berth.

In effect, the 4-3 loss to Breakers FC at the Endeavour Sports HS where the boys had the game in control at 3-1 with 5 minutes to go was pivotal to their chances of qualifying for the semi-final series and highlights just how close the Super League competition was this season.

When one considers that prior to commencement of the season Coach Lee Pepper assembled a mix of 11 and 12 year old boys who had predominantly played football outdoors with limited or no representative Futsal experience, then to finish just one win out of the top 5 after just over some 13 weeks together, represents a truly remarkable achievement by the Under 12 boys in the Club’s debut Super League season.

The Under 12 Team consisted of the following players: Cameron Belle, Jordan Demetriou, Samuel Gulisano, Ashley Henderson, Addison Klem-Goode, Christopher Marques, Jacob Opacak, James Pepper, Kyle Riggs, Nathan Spinola, Blake Stewart, Aidan Watts.

Of course, such an achievement would not have been possible without the special efforts of the Under 12 Coaching and Management Team led by Head Coach, Lee Pepper, and ably assisted by Team Manager, Rod Stewart, who combined to ensure that all the boys had to worry about was training and playing on game day. In particular, special mention must be made of the wonderful input from Coach Lee Pepper whom not only introduced the boys to some wonderful new skills but also instilled a new level of confidence and self belief in themselves as representative Futsal players, both individually and as a team unit.

It was evident that Lee brought a level of enthusiasm and passion to his coaching that ensured that the boys looked forward to attending training at 7.30 every Thursday evening and, even more so, to getting out on the court on game day every Saturday at 2.00pm. I know that even the parents used to look forward to getting down to training on Thursday evenings to not only enjoy a chat but also to witness the skill on display and the positive vibe that would come out of the training session, generally.

A big vote of thanks to Team Manager – Rod Stewart for all his numerous emails and SMS’s which ensured that we were always on time and in the places we had to be. Rod’s quick wit and wicked sense of humour made our Futsal experience this season even more enjoyable.

To our President, Jonathan Simnett, we express our enormous gratitude for the vision he has shown in founding this Association because, let’s face it, without that vision combined with the blood, sweat and tears involved at the organisational and logistical level, then the boys and their parents would simply not have been able to experience the opportunities presented during this season.

To wrap up, it is clear that to represent the Sutherland Shire Futsal Association has not only provided the Under 12 boys with an outlet to keep fit and increase their skill level during the football off-season, but also created the opportunity to build new relationships, a new social circle and to forge great friendships. The Futsal experience is highly recommended to anyone considering playing the game, whether it be for the Sutherland Shire Futsal Association or any other club. Ask any parent of the Under 12 Sutherland boys of their Futsal experience and I’m sure that you would find that they would all make the same recommendation.

Some parent comments are as follows:
“the skill level I have witnessed during the season not only at Sutherland but at all Clubs has been phenomenal” (Rodney Stewart – Under 12’s parent and Team Manager).

“any young player who is serious about a football career would be crazy not to experience what Futsal has to offer. Learning the skills to work in tight spaces without panicking develops a young player into a more complete footballer” (Julie Belle – Under 12’s parent).

“Coaching was great, excellent spirit and teamwork developed amongst the boys. It has been a great experience for the boys and parents” (Jim Demetriou – Under 12’s parent).

Congratulations and well done to all concerned.

Source : Sutherland Shire Futsal
By : Joe Gulisano
Published : 6/2/2009

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