Awards aplenty at 2009 Futsal Premier and Super League Presentation night (NSW)

Football NSW

Football NSW LogoThe Waterview Convention Centre at Bicentennial Park in Homebush Bay was the venue for the Futsal Premier and Super League Presentation Dinner.

The awards night culminated with the Player of the Year Awards for both the Futsal Super League and the Futsal Premier League competitions.

Over the 300 guests were well entertained by comedian and master of ceremonies Joel Ozborn. Special guest on the night was SBS television’s Les Murray who stated that Futsal was an old favourite of his and of his great friend, the late Johnny Warren.

“Futsal has basically replaced street football which is what many children grow up with around the world,” Murray stated.

The prestigious Men’s Player of the Year Award for the Premier League went to Yavuz Ekinci of the Mascot Vipers.

Ekinci, aged 30, also managed to capture the Golden Boot Award in his competition. Afterwards he stated that he needed to thank his club and teammates.

“My teammates at Mascot Vipers, who have an average age of 34, are really special because of all the support they have given me throughout the season,” he said.

In the Super League, the Men’s Player of the Award went to 21 year old Tobias Seeto. However, he was unable to collect his award in person because he is playing professional Futsal in Spain with the Players Castillon club.

Seeto, capped six times for the national Futsalroos, is only one of two Australian Futsal players who are playing professionally in Europe. His mother accepted the award on his behalf.

In the women’s categories it was Natalie Spirovski of Sydney Magic PCYC who snared the Player of the Year Award in the Premier League division, while Belinda Seers of Sydney University took out the equivalent in the Super League.

In the Youth Men’s categories it was Daniel Fogerty of Inner West Allstars who claimed the top honour in the Premier League, while Rhys Giovenali of Dural Warriors claimed the equivalent award in the Super League division. Fogerty also managed to take out the Golden Boot Award.

The Golden Boot winners for the women’s categories belonged to Laura Elliot of West City Crusaders in the Premier League category, while in the Super League the leading goalscorer and award winner was Fatima Agar of Parramatta Blueberries.

The men’s Super League Golden Boot Award went to Rogerio Texeira of the Botany Bay Pirates, but he was unable to claim the prize personally which was accepted on his behalf by a very proud club president. Hussein Akil of Sydney Benfica FC was the winner of the Super League Men’s Youth Golden Boot.

The Goalkeeper of the Year categories were shared by a variety of clubs. In the Premier League, the men’s award went to Peter Akers of the Western Raiders, while the equivalent prize for the Super League belonged to Elliott Jurd of the Northern Tigers.

In the women’s divisions, the best shot-stopper prizes went to Melissa Khoury of West City Crusaders FC in the Premier League and Ingrid Haralovic of Enfield Rovers in the Super League.

In the Youth Men’s categories the best goalkeepers were judged to be Roberto Maiorana of Sydney Magic PCYC in the Premier League and Cameron Nacson of Sydney University in the Super League.

The coaches of the year prizes went to Zvi Ben David of Mascot Vipers for the Premier League and Cathie Sweeney of Breakers FC for the Super League.

Referee of the Year was Gavin Lee who proudly accepted his award from Football NSW director George Jackson. The Young Referee of the Year Award, named after the late Mario Mazzeo, went to Nick Backo.

Part of the many earlier awards was the Club Championship prize. Michael Quarmby of Football NSW did the honours and the recipients were Sydney Magic PCYC in the Premier League and Sydney Benfica FC in the Super League who will now earn promotion to the Premier League.

Winners list from NSW Futsal Forum (posted by iknow) :

Premier League

12 Boys
MVP Paul Katsedis (Sydney City Eagles)
GB Paul katsedis (Sydney City Eagles)
GK John Dimitrakis (Sydney Magic)

14 Boys
MVP Patrick Antelmi (Campbelltown City Quake) / Andres Vais (Sydney Magic)
GB Daniel Vellonio (Campbelltown City Quake)
GK Benji Maruca (Western Raiders)

13 Girls
MVP Kristi Pavlicevic (Hawkesbury Commodores)
GB Sarah Yatim (Inner West Allstars)
GK Shimran Kharmis (Western Raiders)

16 Boys
MVP Shervin Adeli (Inner West Allstars)
GB Shervin Adeli (Inner West Allstars)
GK Luis Sotos (Mascot Vipers)

16 Girls
MVP Doris Osman (West City Crusaders)
GB Natasha Lo Giudice (Sydney Magic)
GK Cassandra Nader (Mascot Vipers)

Youth Mens
MVP Daniel Fogarty (Inner West Allstars)
GB Daniel Fogarty (Inner West Allstars)
GK Roberto Maiorana (Sydney Magic)

Open Womens
MVP Natalie Spirovski (Sydney Magic)
GB Laura Elliot (West City Crusaders)
GK Melissa Khoury (West City Crusaders)

Open Mens
MVP Yavus Ekinci (Mascot Vipers)
GB Yavus Ekinci (Mascot Vipers)
GK Peter Akers (Western Raiders)

Coach of the Year 
Zvi Ben David (Mascot Vipers) 

Club Champions
Sydney Magic

Super League

Thanks to Fence sitter for listing the Super League winners.

12 Boys
MVP Chris Zuvela (Dural Warriors)
GB Chris Zuvela / Bai Antonio  (Dural Warriors / Barcelona FC)
GK Thomas Manos (Northern Tigers)

14 Boys
MVP Dean Bereveskos (Barcelona FC)
GB Dean Bereveskos (Barcelona FC)
GK Jake Webster (South Coast Taipans)

13 Girls
MVP Amy Dahdah (Enfield Rovers)
GB Amy Dahdah (Enfield Rovers)
GK Ivana Zaric (South Coast Taipans)

16 Boys
MVP Anthony Foti( APIA Tigers)
GB Alan Kovacevic (Botany Bay Pirates)
GK Nicolas Moye (Botany Bay Pirates)

16 Girls
MVP Georgia Donovan (Dural Warriors)
GB Jessica Carosi (Botany Bay Pirates)
GK Kaiya Robertson (Enfield Rovers)

Youth Men
MVP Rhys Giovenali (Dural Warriors)
GB Hussein Akil (Sydney Benfica FC)
GK Cameron Nacson (Sydney University)

MVP Belinda Seers (Sydney University)
GB Fatima Agar (Parramatta Blueberries)
GK Ingrid Haralovic (Enfield Rovers)

MVP Tobias Seeto (Dural Warriors)
GB Rogerio Texeira (Botany Bay Pirates)
GK Elliott Jurd (Northern Tigers)

Club Champions
Sydney Benfica FC

Source : Football NSW for main article, NSW Futsal Forum for Premier League Age Group winners list
By : Joe Russo (Football NSW article), iknow (Premier League list), Fence sitter (Super League list)
Published : 7/3/2009

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  1. how did husky not win the best player award in the super league youth men
    he dominated the whole comp


    12 Boys
    GOY= Thomas Manos * Northern Tigers
    GB= Chris Zuvela / Bai Antonio * Dural Warriors / Barcelona FC
    POY= Chris Zuvela * Dural Warriors

    14 Boys
    GOY= Jake Webster * South Coast Taipans
    GB= Dean Bereveskos * Barcelona FC
    POY= Dean Bereveskos * Barcelona FC

    13 Girls
    GOY= Ivana Zaric * South Coast Taipans
    GB= Amy Dahdah * Enfield Rovers
    POY= Amy Dahdah * Enfield Rovers

    16 Boys
    GOY= Nicolas Moye* Botany Bay Pirates
    GB= Alan Kovacevic* Botany Bay Pirates
    POY= Anthony Foti* APIA Tigers

    16 Girls
    GOY= Kaiya Robertson * Enfield Rovers
    GB= Jessica Carosi * Botany Bay Pirates
    POY= Georgia Donovan * Dural Warriors

    Youth Men
    GOY= Cameron Nacson * Sydney University
    GB= Hussein Akil * Sydney Benfica FC
    POY= Rhys Giovenali * Dural Warriors

    GOY= Ingrid Haralovic * Enfield Rovers
    GB= Fatima Agar * Parramatta Blueberries
    POY= Belinda Seers * Sydney University

    GOY= Elliott Jurd * Northern Tigers
    GB= Rogerio Texeira * Botany Bay Pirates
    POY= Tobias Seeto * Dural Warriors

  3. Congratualations to all the winners, I am sure all deserved. From my perspective the 12’s and 14’s boys Paul and Patrick were the right choices. Well done. Good luck in Europe Patrick. Paul you should play for quake. Jack No 64 for Quake. Feel the tremor go Quake.

  4. Never mind, found it. Cathie Sweeny. Was there another one, because one coach is apparently claiming he won it?

  5. The COTY, POY nd GKOTY are voted on by the coaches of the other clubs either on game day or after the season is over as is the case with COTY.

  6. Fence Sitter

    Only Coach Of The Year is vote by the coaches and the end of the season. Calls went out to coaches a week and half before the presentation.

    POY & GKOTY are based on game day points awarded. Now whether the opposition coach does this but it is usually the scorers

  7. That is exactly what I meant, coaches award 1 point to the best opposition player on the day and those pints accumulate.

    “Maibe my englis no good!”

  8. Fence Sitter

    You are a plick

    95% of the points were allocated by the officials at the scorers table not coaches

    And in alot of instances, officials gave points to their own team.

    This is why the whole points system is being reviewed

    Easy to hide behind an alias is it

    Regan can you please incorporate a spell checker on this website as my englis is know good and i have the intellect of a two year old.

  9. Sorry Fence Sitter

    should read

    Prick, English & no and hell I may have missed a few !!!

  10. Haha. Lorenzo just for you I’ll see if I can get a spellchecker incorporated into the comments before posting.

    I’m doing a small redesign of the site layout and some features over the coming weeks so will include the spellchecking too.

  11. “As alleged by Dark Raider if you look carefully”

    I did not point the finger at anybody…

  12. He or she might made 15 or 20 saves in a game; quite possible if the team mates are not very good!

  13. I agree fence sitter. If the rest of the team is ordinary and the keeper is keeping the score down then points are more than likely to he given to that player.

    A few years back the Women’s MVP and keeper of the year went to Liverpool Fusion’s keeper. There were better keepers in the comp but Fusion often turned up with the bare minimum of players who were mainly ineffective !!

  14. Lets face it……the system is flawed. Some of the GK’s chosen were the best in the age, but others were simply good players in weak teams. For Premier League the GK’s came from the 3rd, 8th, 5th, 7th, 8th, 6th, 4th and 7th placed teams. Notice a trend here? Average place is 6th.

  15. Ask each coach to nominate 3 top keepers in order, at the end of the year. (Obviously you can’t vote for your own player.) Add the votes and you should get a good and fair outcome. The same should apply for the MVP’s.

  16. If you vote at the end of the season you may be voting on reputation not on actual week-by-week performances; also it is highly likely that the top goalscorers would get most MVP’s

  17. If every team had a permanent statistician, we could have most valuable bench warmer, m.v .futsalparent, top 10 goalmisses of the year, best dressed spectator, kindest carpark attendant, oldest spectator, Error free referee….oooh the awards could be endless but I guess this system could be flawed too eh ?

  18. Been thinking……. now thats dangerous

    Each club appoints an observer from each team. Could be a parent. They sit together to the sideand watch the game. On completion of the game, the refs approach these two people and they advise who they give points to, for the opposing team via number.

    The official then marks the team sheets accordingly and a record is kept.

    The officials could them email the office with these details. We could pay the refs $5 extra for this service.

    This would save allot of conjecture

  19. Just another reason for those overpaid referees to get additional harassment by ignorant, ill informed people who won’t step up to the plate themselves.

  20. And that is the problem, fence sitter, they populate the stands.

    I agree that there are always knowledgable people that quite happily sit and the stands and spout their knowledge to the people around them. The problem is that as soon as they are asked to put their “knowledge” to use by helping out then their knowledge suddenly dries up and they claim to know nothing.

    And before you try and argue this fact do a quick survey of most of the Premier & Super League clubs and see how many people share the work load at each club. You will find, with an exception or two, that the majority of the work at each club is done by three or four people. A perfect example is who sits at the scorers bench. I have been to a few matches and quite often the person who is the scorer at the first match is there for the whole day.

    The sooner more of these “knowledgable” people choose to stop sitting in the stands and put their hand up to help, the better our sport will be.

  21. “The sooner more of these “knowledgable” people choose to stop sitting in the stands and put their hand up to help, the better our sport will be.”

    How true.

    “You would be surprised as to how many knowledgeable people populate the stands!”

    Not from what I’ve heard

  22. Are you guys part of those with your hands up?

    I have played, refereed, coached and administered. At this stage of my life I am sure you wouldn’t begrudge me my right to sit on the fence…

  23. “I have played, refereed, coached and administered….”
    If this is the case, WD and maybe you do deserve the rest. If it is really the case, then maybe you should have more empathy for those who are currently stepping up to the plate and doing the best job they can just to be dumped on (and no I’m not saying you are the one doing the dumping, but it most definitely it happens).

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