Invite: 2009 NSW Futsal Winter State League

Dan Kennedy

Dan Kennedy is putting a team together to play in the FNSW Futsal Winter State League held on Monday nights at Sydney Olympic Park, Homebush NSW.This will be an elite futsal competition with teams and players from the 2008 Super League and Premier League participating.

Games are on between 7:00PM until 10:30PM and the season start in early May.

If you are interested in playing please contact <Removed by F4A admin due to the age of this article>

Source : Dan Kennedy
Published : 24/3/2009

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  1. dudes. if you’re interested in playing there are a couple of conditions.

    1 – you are registered with FNSW futsal
    2 – you’ve previously played at state level (which club and what year)
    3 – you are over 18
    4 – commited

    the idea is to have fun, keep fit and enjoy the sport..

    gear will be supplied for you shirts, socks and shorts. there will be costs for registration should you require it and for the season (about $10 per game).

  2. Is this team still in need of players? Ive got one or two top players who would like to play and are registered, but they have never played at state level, as u request, which I think is a harsh call when u say its just about fun. Im sick of all these outdoor and futsal people asking for prior experiences, a lot of guys i know cant commit to 3 days week training and etc coz of work and families and due to this have unfortunately missed out on a possibly very successful football career.

    We have played state league teams who have came to local social comps and we have beaten them…

  3. Hi Steve F, that would be fine ! I only mentioned previous state league experience as they’ll be playing against some of the best futsal players in NSW :)

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