Ipswich goalie throws himself into tournament (QLD)

The Queensland Times

logo_qldAcrobatic Ipswich Knights goalkeeper Zayne Freiberg will be in the international spotlight when he represents the Australian open side for the first time next week.

However, it won’t be in football where the agile 20-year-old sportsman shows his skills during a five-day televised tournament in Spain.

The Bundamba-based goalie will line up for the Aussies in futsal, the rapid fire indoor sport he has played since he was nine.

After earlier futsal trips to Japan, Brazil and New Zealand, Freiberg is eagerly awaiting his best opportunity yet to impress international scouts.

“It will be exciting to see where I’m at,” Freiberg said, heading for Barcelona tomorrow.

“I’m going with the flow. But if something comes up (an international offer), I’ll definitely have a crack at it.”

Freiberg and another Ipswich player Scott Fenn showed how serious they were about pursuing their futsal careers by heading to Brazil in 2007. They trained and played against some of the world’s best futsal exponents.

Fenn has since gone to China, where he’s chasing a professional contract.

Now it’s Freiberg’s turn, having recently been called into the Australian side after impressing at the national titles.

He has exceptional agility and reads the game well, perhaps surprisingly for someone so laidback and easygoing.

However, on the football field and futsal court, Freiberg is a fearless competitor who loves shutting down attackers.

“I’m feeling really good. I’m in really good form at the moment,” he said, being part of the unbeaten Knights Division 1 football side.

The West Moreton futsal team goalie also shared in Queensland’s latest major futsal success – winning the national titles in Sydney earlier this year.

In Barcelona, the Australians are expecting to play teams from France, Canada, Russia, Belgium, Argentina and Morocco. The tournament from April 1-5 is being televised by Fox Sports.

While he appreciates the encouragement of family and friends, Freiberg is also grateful for the time his employer RT Edwards gives him to chase his sporting dream.

“They are definitely supportive,” he said, working in the credit returns and stock section at the company’s Raceview depot.

“Not many people would let you go (on these trips) on such short notice.”

Source : The Queensland Times
Published : 26/3/2009

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  1. Good luck to Zane…. is nice to see true Futsal players achieving. He has played since he was 10 years old along with Scott and now they are getting the rewards they deserve. That time (set up by Vikings) at Malvee has certainly paid off

  2. The Vikings side to represent in this months Spanish Futsal Challenge is…….
    Coach : Milton Sakkos
    Manager : Garry Liakoureas
    Damian Pilat
    Daniel Liddy
    Jonathan Barrientos
    Kui Sen Mu
    Raymond Mortensen
    Renagi Ingram
    Colby Waterfield
    Zayne Freiberg
    Michael McKenna

  3. how did you work that one out? I’m sure that the whole sporting community is disappointed that these games are not being televised on Fox.

  4. The F A Cup isnt on Fox either Simon ! Got to get up early to be convincingly facetious ! lol

  5. By the way, this Nations Cup, is going to be play in Europe, did you know that Fox is not that big in Europe???

    Here the big channel is Eurosport, but not more than 10% of the people in Europe has fox in their houses, so for me does not make any sence if fox shows the games or not, maybe you can follow a very nice bobster races in Fox this week.
    Have a nice day.


  6. hey my left foot, not sure who you are but thanks, i hope zayne goes well in spain. for such a dopy looking bastard he’s got some quick reactions on him.

  7. We have met around Futsal circles Scott, has been great watching you and Zane play. How was your time playing National League in China?

  8. hey toepoke, i’m still over here in China at the moment. going really well. we’ve got a tournament coming up in manchester and i’ve been invited to play again next season so i guess i’ve done alright. which state are you from?

  9. NOt a player Scott…. and it’s QLD.

    Sounds like you’ve gone well whgich could lead to more Aussie based players playing in China

    good luck mate

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