Young futsal star has eye on the prize (QLD)


goingforgoldWearing the green and gold of Australia is an achievement many of us can only dream of.

But for 12-year-old Jessica Caird, her date with destiny is just around the corner.

The talented Bardon resident has been selected in the Australian Vikings Under 12 team to tour New Zealand later this month.

“I didn’t think it would happen but it’s really good,” Caird said.

The St Peter’s Lutheran College student took up futsal, a version of indoor soccer, three years ago and has since progressed through all levels of the game to reach its pinnacle international competition.

“I love futsal and I also love outdoor soccer. It’s a good way to keep your skills up and it’s fun to play,” she said.

Now that she has a taste of international futsal, Caird is keen to progress further in both forms of the game and hopefully one day follow in the footsteps of her idol, Matildas star Lisa DeVanna.

“I’d love to keep playing futsal and outdoor soccer, and improve in both and keep playing and having fun.”
The Australian Vikings Under 12 team leaves for New Zealand on March 23.

Source : Westside News
Published : 3/3/2009

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  1. Wearing the “Green & Gold” ?

    I didn’t know that Viking’s were now managing our National teams ?

    Does this mean the Socceroo’s now play for Vikings ?

    LMAO !

    The FFA should clarify this miscommunication and put a stop to this very obvious Viking’s propoganda. What a load of crap.

    Making a Viking’s rep squad is not playing for your country, it is very, very far from that. I feel sorry for this girl as she probably believes that she has achieved moe than she actually has.

    Vikings, you are a disgrace ! and if they do play in “Green & Gold” that is even more disgusting and disrespectful to all Australians.

  2. National teams…. what National teams do the ffa run in Futsal…. oh yep, the Mens team. well I’m sure if she keeps playing she will eventually have a chance of making the mens team…

    I remember a team from Victoria that went away to a tournament representing Australia… where were you then Curious. guys at NSW Football surely must be able to put up a better argument than this. If you want to be a leader in the sport then do something… but no is easier to try and shoot down someone who is than getting of your arse and being proactiv….. now thats disrespectful to Australians

  3. I thought you couldn’t get any greener than grass Curious ! But Wooooaaaah your jealousy even outshines the lushest football turf Ive ever seen ! lol
    Lets put a couple of things straight for you and your sole supporter (Premier)…..

    If you read the article carefully you will see its written by a journalist (look it up guys they write newspaper articles to sell newspapers !)
    “The FFA should clarify…….” They have no authority over many things so dont go running to them every time you cry with a scraped knee ! lol
    A group of children, born in Australia,living in Australia, playing futsal every week at an Australian club – who are selected by Vikings or anyone else CAN BE CALLED AN AUSTRALIAN REPRESENTATIVE TEAM …GET OVER IT !

    If you knew a tenth of what you thought you knew, you would argue the fact that this specific team will tour in the national Vikings colours not “green and Gold” ?

    Good luck Jessica, enjoy the tour, see a beautiful country and enjoy marvellous NZ hospitality ! I bet this is one more tour than Curious and Premier were ever selected for eh guys ???

  4. It’s the miscommunication F.SALA, read the first bloody sentence of the article…

    “Wearing the green and gold of Australia is an achievement many of us can only dream of….”

    Most people reading this article in the Westside News would be thinking that this lass is actually going to play for Australia ! That is my point !

    I never mentioned FNSW btw…

  5. She is going to play for an Australian team…. what part of that don’t you understand. I hear the tours to New Zealand are great. Christchurch, Queenstown and Dunedin, so beautiful countryside around those places. They play in Queenstown right under the Remarkables mountains which most people will remember from the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

    Action Indoor Sports has Australian Teams that play Futsal against NZ and South Africa I hope Curious dosn’t get to upset about these Australian sides

  6. Guys

    Seriously are we really getting on here doing this.
    This is a 12 year old girl whom has achieved something… no matter what side of fence you sit on this young girl has achieved something I am sure she is and her family are very very proud of…..
    is it her fault the sport is divided??
    Is it her fault that Vikings is only side that offers her opportunity?
    is it her fault she isnt a BOY and isnt in the MENS squad?
    This girl is achieving her dreams.,….. the onyl way she can..

    Doesnt this just highlight the problem !!!

    FFA and FNSW and Football anywhere offers nothing to the futsal playing girls within our game nor the young boys… I dunno bout you but this isn’t something to be proud of….

    NSW has a wonderful premier league and it shows with their results at FFA nationals etc,,, However why should this be all we have to offer the kids ???

    Vikings is trying to help the game grow, they want the kids to have opportunities etc etc and what can I say they send women away too… Pretty good if you ask me…

    Look all I can say is I think it is a very very very sad day when we can criticise children for being proud of their achievements and wanting to share that with the futsal world.

    isnt this the kinda story we should admire?? Not despise….
    No matter what side of fence shouldnt we say wow good on you for achieving your goals and working towards that dream of following in Lisa Devanna footsteps….

    Maybe should ask Joanne Burgess current Matilda her thoughts on touring overseas with a Vikings squad…. I might think she enjoys it…. And I might also think she was proud… And I might also like to note she holds hero type status in QLD.

    Is that not what we want ???

  7. I forgot to say


  8. Whaddya I couldn’t agree with you more… Curious and his mate (I think it’s the same person) are disgruntled FNSW staff frustrated at their inability to do things so they are taking the easy route …. belittle those who have achieved

  9. I DID read the “first bloody sentence” (as you put it ) Curious ! Its not miscommunication its a journalists’ story ! When you’re older and have experienced them first hand you will understand why they write the way they do .

    I hope Jessica feels rightfully proud of representing MY Australia, its just a shame she cant represent yours !

  10. Well done Jessica! I hope you don’t read the simple minded comments from curious and Co. My boy is touring in November and it is just great. We teach our kids that if you work hard you can achieve your goals. I bet these kids that are given a little recognition for their efforts will continue to strive for success in life outside Futsal as well. We should be cheering for Jessica and her team mates. Curious, what does your attitude teach kids about working hard? God I hope you don’t have kids curious.

  11. Someone said that FNSW doesn’t offer anything to the futsal playing girls, well where in Sydney does Vikings?

  12. I agree! ….but i think the real issue is how long have both these bodies been in Sydney??

  13. True. However if you want girls to come across you have to be able to offer them something. I know a few girls who are disillusioned with PLF & SLF, and I think if Vikings had something to offer them they would jump ship.

  14. C’mon you guys wake up ! Vikings is not about “jumping ship” or PLF / SLF ! Think out side the square for a change its not all about you and which league you can play in !

    Lets see the ‘Simons’ and the ‘Iwonders’ of this world start helping introduce futsal to primary and secondary school aged kids, to city AND country areas. Lets look to the future not the present, not the past (PLEASE not the past ! lol) Lets develop the sport for tomorrow ! That is why people want to join Vikings* because they* are proactive all around the country and offer more hope for futsal than Football NSW Futsal (The name says it all huh ?).and/or others.

    Elite is fine but usually represents around 5% of all the players so where does the future really lay ? Vikings Academies help improve players ability and prepare them for stronger competition, as do our tours but its the grass roots players we need playing FUTSAL , a sport in its own right, purely for the enjoyment of playing futsal !

    The cream will always rise to the top but we need the milk !

  15. F.Sala been there and done that in trying to introduce the local high school to expanding their futsal teams to more than boys. I even offered to find a coach and pay for him/her to come in and coach the girls and I would have raised the money for the playing strips.
    But the school couldn’t care less because THEY ARE GIRLS, and they couldn’t get a teacher to take it on.

  16. Iwonder why not contact write to viking@vikingsfutsal.com tell them which school and I am sure they would jump at the chance go out and maybe even offer some introductory coaching. Vikings don’t have the largest school comp in Australia by luck, it’s by developing and assisting where no one else does. And this year they have record numbers attending!

  17. It can be hard at times Iwonder, especially when pig headed local football people tell you to F*!@ # Off out of their territory!…..you develop a hard skin aft er a while and if you know you are doing your best for the sport you tend to hang in there ! Well done for trying, dont ever give up. As Zacariah wrote Vikings futsal people are everywhere and always willing to lend a hand (perhaps that is why Vikings are the largest provider of futsal ?)

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