Goal keeper of the year also a budding musician (NSW)

North Shore Times

Cam Nacson did the impossible at the recent NSW Futsal Super League 2008/09 Awards.

The Sydney Uni goalkeeper, whose team finished third last, was named the best keeper in the youth competition.

“I think it almost gave me an advantage because they were firing so many shots at me.”

“Even though I let in a lot of goals I had a lot of saves to make,” the 17-year-old Bradfield Senior College student said.

Cam, of Lane Cove, conceded 86 goals but was voted by opposing coaches as the goalie of the year.

“It’s a nice feeling to win the award.”

“I really like the uniqueness of being a goalkeeper obviously, there is only one per team. I like being the special one.”

But soccer isn’t his only skill.

A musician and songwriter, Cam says: “Music is my life.”

“I’ve written more than 60 songs so far. I play piano, drums, guitars and a bit of everything.”

Inspired by Peter Murray and Jason Mraz, he was a finalist in the schoolies section of the 2008 Music Oz song awards.

“I love playing soccer and I hope I play until the day I die but music would take precedence because I just love it.”

His dad, Angelo, says he has an amazing ability on the pitch and in the recording studio.

“Futsal is a very exciting game and he is very skilful at it, but his singing talents are something out of this world,” Angelo said.

“I think both are important to him and they complement each other because the confidence he needs on stage and in goals are very similar.”

Source : North Shore Times
By : Joshua Levi
Published : 7/4/2009

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