Abod Ragab lives and breathes soccer (VIC)

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Logo - VicSunshine’s Abod Ragab thinks only of soccer and is a strong supporter of Visy Cares Hub boys soccer program, which is looking to increase its membership.

The 19-year-old, originally from Sudan, has played for almost two years as part of the program.

He said he was especially appreciative of being a member, since his mum banned him from playing soccer in the back yard.

“I can’t play in the backyard since I broke a window,” he admits.

He said he enjoyed being part of the indoor soccer program and urged others to join.

VISY Cares Hub wants to boost the numbers of its boys soccer program after the recent relocation of games from RecWest in the City of Maribyrnong to the West Sunshine Community Centre in West Sunshine.

The club used to attract about 60 boys, mainly of African descent, who lived in Braybrook, when soccer was played on a Friday night at RecWest.

But numbers had dropped dramatically when Visy Cares Hub decided to move the indoor soccer program to a Thursday night at the West Sunshine Community Centre.

General manager of Visy Cares Hub Karen Hart said she wanted to see the boys soccer program increase its numbers.

“I know there are hundreds of boys interested in playing soccer, and we’d really like to reach them.

“Soccer has really taken off in the West – particularly African kids are really interested in the sport.”

“It is a free program creating opportunity for disconnected and disadvantaged young people so that they are getting an equal chance to get involved in recreational activities that other boys are engaging with in less disadvantaged areas.”

She said participation in the soccer program also put members in touch with other Visy Cares Hub services, to assist them with issues relating to education, employment, training, health, housing and legal matters.

She said transport would be provided if boys wanted to attend the program.

“If people are finding it difficult to get there they can be driven in cars from Visy Cares Hub in Sunshine to the centre,” Ms Hart said

She said the games were relocated, as Visy Cares Hub is based in the City of Brimbank and the group wanted to operate the soccer program within municipal boundaries.

For further information, phone [Victoria] 9091 8200.

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