Joshua Da Palma to contest the AFC Futsal Club Championship

Sydney Benfica FC

Logo - SLB Sydney Benfica FCSydney Benfica FC’s keeper Josh Da Palma will take his place in Iran to contest the AFC Futsal Club Championship, which will take place at Pirouzi Stadium from the 4th July to 12th July 2009.

Josh was one of three keepers selected along with current Futsalroo Peter Spathis and Sydney Magic’s Roberto Maiorana.

This past year has been unbelievable for Josh given his performances, with Sydney Benfica FC taking the coveted Men’s title over the Dural Warriors. He represented NSW at the Nationals and has also been recently selected for the FFA Australian Beach World Cup squad.

Sydney Benfica FC have an abundance of goalkeeping talent in their ranks, as they prepare for this years FNSW Futsal Premier League.

Congratulations to Josh and all the boys who have been selected for NSW Thunder.

Do our state and country proud !

Joshua Da Palma - Representing NSW at the AFC Futsal Club Championship 2009

Joshua Da Palma - Representing NSW at the AFC Futsal Club Championship 2009

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  1. What’s the concern I have made the train on squad for the beach soccer and I have been lucky enough to get selected to go to Iran I’m training next week long weekend for the final cut for the Aussie beach soccer team!does that answer ur questions

  2. Josh

    There is no concern. Fence Sitter just wants to know when the squad was announced.

    Fence Sitter, I have been told that the players know who are going. I only know of the three keepers.

  3. It would be good to know who else is in the final squad.

    Well done Josh and to whoever else is in the squad.

  4. I know I didn’t write the comment um the squad I think will be finalised in a week or so um but other than that I’m not to sure I’m just excited to be a part of the squad should be a great trip

  5. I am told that the NSW Thunder team will play the Academy team at Dural Sport and Leisure Centre at 8.30am on Saturday 30/6.

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