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With just over 5 weeks to go to the kick off the A.F.C Club championship in Isfahan, Iran, the N.S.W. Thunder team’s preparation has lifted remarkably in intensity.

Coach Jamie Amendolia has settled on the 20-men preliminary squad that must be delivered shortly to the tournament organisers. The list of names sees some experienced, familiar faces with a few youngsters interspersed among them. The full list is: Peter Spathis, Dylan Maloney, Toby Seeto, Danny Martinez, Tuan Cao, Andrew Paine, Ben Lawson, Adrian Vizzari, Rhys Giovenali, Greg Giovenali, Isaac Wadick, Roberto Maiorana, Josh Da Palma, Miles Downie, Andres Gomez, Chris Zeballos, Marino Musumeci, Shervin Adeli, David Von Dinklage and Robert Greenway.

From this list the final 14-men squad must be selected and those players will be the ones to represent Australian Futsal in the Asian stage.

The team has been competing in trial games against the U/21 Youth Academy and the Simon Keith- coached Australian Maccabi team who will also travel overseas shortly. We would like to thank them for their contribution and wish them well in their endeavours.

There are several more training camps and trial games planned for the Thunder team before their departure, and that will afford Amendolia the opportunity to further mould the team into a cohesive unit.

NSW Thunder AFC Team - Click for a larger version

NSW Thunder AFC Team - Click for a larger version

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  1. what happened to original squad that played in Canberra?
    why is it back to 20 players?
    How come Simon Keith,Ross Fazzalarro and Lachlan Wright are not playing?
    3 keepers going, what are the chances of the other 2 playing and spathis stepping aside?

  2. Players that are missing might be due to work commitments , injury as with Lachlan or not good enough, it’s all up to the coach.

    As for the three keepers, they will push each other. Obviously Robbie and Josh have a monumental task of unseating Spathis…….but that is life as a keeper.

    If an opportunity arises I am sure that it will be taken with both hands.

    Anything can happen in a game of futsal.

    Good luck boys. Enjoy the experience !

  3. I have not agreed with any methods that the coach has done, sure he wins games,”just” as with prem grand final, but how hard is it to choose a team and just stick with it???
    he had a winning team for canberra that took months to sort and now he doing it all again, why not just stick with the team and get a couple of replacements for those that cant go…

  4. 3 Players Missing from Canberra Squad.

    Lachlan Wright [Injured]
    Ross Fazzalaro [Pulled out]
    Simon Keith [ Coaching Maccabi at the Same time as this Tournamnet].
    I agree good to keep same squad but as you can see cant always happen.

    Good Luck Guys i will be supporting! :)

  5. I think Jamie has done a great job. I think it makes perfect sense to re-evaluate the squad that was originally picked 8+ mths ago. A lot of Futsal since has been played both at the Nationals and in the 2nd half of the Premier League competition. During that time I am sure some fringe players have impressed and others not so. Coupled with the non-availability of some original players it is the right thing to do to trial some new blood.

    As for the 3 keepers, Iran is a long way away. If you take just 2 and one gets injured, then you play the rest of the tournament without a reserve keeper. The Socceroos take 3 keepers for just one game for that same reason.

    Yes Jamie did “just” win the Premier League Grandfinal. He also just won the minor premiership, just won the Nationals and Magic just won the Club Championship with him as head coach. If he keeps “just” winning like this, its fine by me!

    Good luck guys!

  6. why did Ross pull out? Is he who Lorenzo was referring to about not good enough?Then why was he picked for Nationals? As for your comment up to the coach? I dont agree. We have a committee, they should have imput, but i do believe the coach has last say. JA has spent so much money on this NSW team to win the nationals, now he has to spend more for this team? No wonder the sport going no where. Too much money being wasted.

  7. Lorenzo wasn’t referring to anyone. I merely made a statement. Some players as in normal process aren’t good enough, some have work commitments and some injured.

    The committee has nothing to do with selection policy. The only person I know of, was Lachlan being injured.

    Every coach has a method to their madness. Jamie had a job to do and he did it. Pretty or ugly he got the job done.

    Now is the next piece of the puzzle, ASIA. Coaches live and die by the sword. Judge or be judged.

    Time will tell.

  8. From what I’ve heard Ross had a falling out with Magic and left the club at the end of the Premier League season. Not sure on the details but perhaps it’s contributed…

  9. what does what happened with magic and ross have to do with team selection?
    So if your good enough to be in the team, you need to play for magic for a guaranteed spot?
    Would be interesting as to the reason why he was dropped, he was a key player in magic success 2 years running.
    Couldn’t have been that bad..

  10. Let the team whom will be selected go over and represent us, and lets give them our total support.

    there is enough good talent in the squad.

    (CB – SPECTATOR) RF pulled out of the squad, he didnt take any part of the trials/ trainings that commecnced after the nationals. I have since seen him be a referee, maybe he has taken on a new career and retired as a player.

  11. Ross is a great referee. His playing experience has given him enough exposure to know when to let the games run and when to blow it up. He has reffed one of my games, and I’ve got a couple of mates he has reffed and they thought he was pretty good too.

  12. The only changes to the Nationals so far have been forced ones: Lachlan knee injury, Simmo with the Australian Maccabi Team and Ross who did not make himself available for whatever reasons. You still have players like Bully (injury) and Nolan (work committments) who are not in the picture. Aside from these, the rest are there with some welcomed additions like Tuan and Miles. This will be an adventure. A fact-finding mission to see what gap exists between us and Asia. Yes, I expect it to be very tough but I also expect them to learn…this is the changing of the guard everyone keeps talking about…young blood with some older heads like Spath and Vizzari. Let’s give them a chance, they are working extremely hard. Let’s wish them well !

  13. Spectator,

    I wasn’t saying that it did contribute, just that it was a possible reason for his non-selection (Jamie being the head coach etc.).

    As has been mentioned he has now taken up refereeing and is proving very adept, given his knowledge of the game and his relationship with the players/coaches.

    Lory said it well, let’s just support the team that goes over there. They have a good mix of youth and experience and the time spent in Asia will hopefully prove to be a learning curve that benefits the sport here.

  14. I don’t think they will do too well in Asia with the squad they have. Not enough experience and too many yuoung boys stepping up for their first time overseas. The game in asia will also be a bit too fast for the new boys going over. I saw the Maccabi game and the NSW boys seemed a bit slow. I am really dissapointed they didnt keep the exact team they had at nationals. I think it is an injustice to players like ross that they didnt even get a look in after such a great yr at nationals and magic.

  15. I think the NSW thunder team should easily make semi’s with the draw they got handed. Anything else would be a failure.

  16. James what part of ‘Ross pulled out’ implies that he didn’t even get a look in? From all accounts Ross pulled out of his own accord. You can’t blame the coach for not picking a player who has made themselves ineligible.

  17. Dave, why would he make himself ‘ineligble’ for a tournament like this? The coach had everything to do with it.

  18. Instead of trying to muddy the waters, since it seems you have an issue with Jamie, why don’t you just ask Ross what the story is.

    Enough people who post here could probably get you in touch with him. Ross may even be readin this stuff himself.

    All but 3 of the original squad have been retained, with legit reasons for the 3 missing people. Seems like the coach is doing the right thing by all the other players to me.

  19. can we not just accept the facts that ross made a decision on his own doing? ross made him self unavailable, due to whatever reason’s.

    Jamie has done what he had to do, that is select three new players to fill in for those unavailable.

    as for JAMES, maybe and just maybe, you should take the advice of dave and perhaps ring or try and contact ross himself.

    there is another 14 players who should be spokern about and thats the actual players that will be representing us in iran.
    good luck to all. Continue to train hard as you guys have.
    This will be a massive experience and a great lifetime memory.

  20. Ah! I know this banter so well. Jamie has been coaching for 2 seasons at the top level & if I can recall has not lost anything yet (except some games along the way). It is the usual tall poppy syndrome that is always rearing it’s ugly head. Give Jamie a go. He has done very well for a new coach on the block & he will choose the players that he thinks will do the job. To this date he hasn’t got it wrong no matter what you all think. What will be a reality is that the new guys will gain greatly from this experience. It is an opportunity for them to stand up & be counted or they will be found wanting. In saying that they will never be given the opportunity in Oz to rise to a new level because they already have risen. So I say good luck to Jamie & the eventual team that goes to Iran. I know that you will all try your best & no matter what the result I am sure you will do NSW proud. As for 3 GK’s, I would only take 2 because Spath won’t get injured & he is playing superbly in goals at the moment (or at least he was when I last saw him).

  21. Regulations AFC Futsal Club Championship 2009, Article 31 f) states “Clubs must register three goalkeepers……..Registration of fewer goalkeepers will not entitle clubs to register more outfield players”

  22. JA im sure is a great coach. We just dont like his attitude towards everyone, unless you are from magic or a personal friend. He is representing our state, he should be approachable not arrogant.

  23. Sure JA is new kid on the block and sure he has won a all titles in front of him but I think if you take out one Peter Spathis he would have not won anything. Spathis is the best keeper in Australia and if Allstars, Syd City or Quake had him they would have won the PL.

    I agree players/coaches should be given ago but there are coaches like Steven Knight who also need to be given a go as he is a great coach with experience but he always seems to get the assistant jobs.

    Plus some of these players struggled at nationals and other were given very little game time for what ever reason. Now all of a sudden they are ready for Asia’s best?

    I hope the boys do well over in Iran for the game, but I can’t see it sorry maybe with Steven Knight, Scott Gilligan or Rob Varela in charge the team would be better off

    Is Tobias available to go to Iran? or his Spanish commitments in the way?

  24. Its a shame scott gilligan couldnt be involved in someway in the training they do. It would have been a big help seeing the amount of experience he has in the international arena. But seeing how arrogant JA is he wouldnt want it anyway.

  25. From what Toby tells me he played his last games for the season for Playas last week in a 3 match tournament. If his International Transfer Certificate comes through and all the paperwork is okay, he will travel directly to Iran. He is hoping to play the 09-10 season in Spain.

  26. Dural’s coach or Syd City’s coach should be the coach for this team!

    SK shouldn’t even be the assistant coach…just cause he screams and looks like he is doing something doesn’t make him good…Still can’t even get a winning team yet ha!

    The NSW team looks pritty decent…are all the players from Premier League?


  28. Batista

    Do your talking on the field.

    Lightning made the semis and their preparation was not ideal. And it was also only a trial game, where the coach was trying a few things etc

    Can we all get behind NSW Thunder. I am sure that some of them read this stuff.

  29. Great call Lorenzo!

    As long as our backsides point to the ground we will disagree on team selections, coaching methods , game plans etc.

    The guys did not asked to be selected, they were deemed by the coach to be the right people to do the job.

    If we are REAL futsal supporters let’s get behind the whole touring party and wait for the events to roll out.

    There will be plenty of time to dissect the games, selections and preparation without forgetting that the coach has not got the gift of hindsight, and neither has anyone else.

  30. take it easy lorenzo im just speaking my mind… do my talking on the field??? i did and the results are were the champions lol .. go benfica

  31. Baptista, the super league is alot easier then the premier league. As for the NSW lightning team, they just finished a 2hr session and already played a game (NSW youth) and then played benfica.
    If I were coach the only player I would pick from Benfica would be Josh too.

    I think the team looks good but lacks experience. Is there any other upcoming trial games where we can see how the thunder team are doing?

  32. hahaha good on you Taj super league easier whatever you say… lack of experience??? mate i dont know what you are talking about i guess thats why you are not the coach… have a nice day buddy

  33. Taj

    I appologise for Batista’s enthusiasm.

    But to the boys credit, they were minor premiers of last years winter state league which had the majority of the premier league teams in there. Given they choked against Quake in the semis 3-2, they got the monkey off their backs in last years Super League title.

    The beautiful thing is we have now intergrated our youth squad into the mens.

    Still, Premier League is a different kettle of fish.

    Oh Taj, an assasin by the name of Husky Akil should be in that squad…….in my biased opinion of course.

    Anyway this is about NSW Thunder…….GO BOYS !!!

    Led by Captain Courageous Peter Spathis

  34. Would he be able to train on Monday & Friday nights and Saturday mornings given his outdoor commitments?

  35. Tactically very green but has the priceless ability to score goals and that is a great commodity to have!

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