Daniel Fulton training at Minas

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Logo - Sports International ExchangeDaniel Fulton arrived a month ago at Belo Horizonte and started his Futsal Experience with Minas Tenis Club, a National League Professional Brazilian Futsal Team.

Daniel is training twice a day and also learning some Portuguese. He feels his game is improving each day.

He will stay in Brazil for 3 more months and he hopes to get a chance on the Australian National Team after the program! We wish him all the best and that he can achieve his objective!!!

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  1. Fults….if you read this, I just want to say g’day and I hope all is well.

    Hope you can bring back lots of trick for the upcoming season..See you when you come back !


  2. Great to hear Daniel, hope you bring a lot of experience back to QUAKE. I hope one day my boy is as good as you.

  3. Hey Guys,
    Thanks for the comments I appreciate your support and Im looking forward to bringing what I have learnt back to AUS but more importantly QUAKE! Kind Regards

  4. Fultz – howzit man! looking forward to hearing all about your exploits . Keep well and send my best to E.

  5. You gotta make the Quake team first pal ;)

    haha hope all is well man catch up for a beverage when u get pack pal

  6. Haha sorry about that Carlos, ill do better next time! And Jonny yep I looked forward to telling ya all about it! And Symo well lets just leave it at thanks for the comment appreciate your faith in my ability haha, I look forward to those Bevy’s! Fultz

  7. I will be back in Aus 15th of August!
    When are quake trials?? Ill send him a txt!

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