FFA National Curriculum


The PDF of the FFA National Curriculum can be viewed below. Futsal is mentioned in there a few times, which is a good sign for the sport. Note the PDF is 5 Megs in size, so it may take a while to load.

FFA National Curriculum

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  1. How come the FFA has not released the full football report to the public? Is this because the report favours the Vikings system for futsal more than the FFA way?

  2. 5 Megs in size ? Now lets look at reducing that a little…..
    Employ top national coaches….
    Identify the top 1% of Australian footballers (use the general public as selectors) and send them (the players) to Europe…as we do now…….

    There’ya not too difficult was it ? and I too didn’t mention futsal !

    Mr Weeman , you are right of course, the review isnt quite the closely guarded secret many would wish for…. at the end of the day nothing will change…believe me !

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