Vikings Snr Teams enjoy Brazilian Flavour (NZ)

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Logo - Vikings NZBrazilian Futsal coach Gui Costa had is first look at the Vikings NZ Seniors side that will contest the Vikings Cup in Christchurch NZ and liked what he saw.

Costa, who works for Vikings Futsal in Australia, ran his first weekend training camp with the sides June 19-21.

The players relished the opportunity and responded well to Costa’s training methods as he set about preparing the sides for their first major event since January. Gui will be the Senior mens coach but used this first weekend to run an eye over the womens squad as well.

“There are some very good players here in New Zealand, they just lack time in the game”, said Costa. “I’m excited about working with a talented and enthusiastic group with a willingness to learn”.

After his first sessions with the men he pointed out youngster Peter Rae and the experienced Bakr Alsaudi as players to watch. “Rae is new, quick and very skillful, Bakr has great experience and a very good knowledge of the game, I’m also very excited about the 3 keepers in the side, all of whom are very good” Costa remarks.

The womens side looks even stronger than the sede that finished runner up at the event in 2008. 6 new players have come into the squad and have given it more depth.

The squads will train weekly in their cities and come together in July for another training camp.

Mens Squad :

Chris Sinclair – GK
Duncan Reed – GK
David Zengerly – GK
Ryan Batty
Brendan Snelling
Luuk Van den Berg
Darren Hart
Daniel Burns
Kieran Roach
Peter Rae
James Vaughan
Michael Sannum
Bakr Al Saudi
Hady Osman

Gui Costa – Coach
Charlie Cremen – Assist.

Womens Squad :

Noran Abaza – GK
Rachel Wilson – GK
Varian Kerr – GK
Rebecca Banfield
Mel Anngow
Lucy Chan
Chloe Williams
Darcie Willis
Lauren Harkerss
Emma Proctor
Tina Bosscher
Marcella Wood
Kirsty Butland
Aimee Philips
Charmaine Arras
Brie Barclay

Simon Mead – Coach
Paul Wadsworth – Assist.

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