Football NSW Letter to Clubs & Centres about Vikings


Football NSW LogoFutsal4all has been given a copy of a recent letter sent to Clubs and Centres from Football NSW from the CEO Mike Quarmby in regards to Vikings, and the sport of Futsal within NSW.

We now reproduce the contents of it below :


6th July 2009

Dear Futsal Clubs/Centres

The Board of Football NSW resolved in March 2009, to form a working party to review Futsal. The main objective of the working party is to review the current Futsal structure, develop a strategy to promote, develop and move the game forward.

The original working party included a representative of the Vikings and the CEO of PCYC. This gave these two organisations an opportunity to have a key role in helping to develop the sport.

During the meeting process the Vikings indicated that their main interest was in regional NSW in terms of Centres, Football NSW agreed to fund up to 2 Development Officers to assist this organisation in regional NSW and to assist other centres in the metropolitan area.

This was initially agreed to by Vikings but now they have advised the working party that they want to have their fees further reduced for the metropolitan area. Football NSW is unable to reduce fees any further in the metropolitan area for Vikings as Football NSW feel the fees should be the same for all centres/clubs in the metropolitan area and the Football NSW budget would incur a further loss.

Our objective was to have the sport under one banner in NSW. The working party made all efforts to make this happen. Unfortunately, the only major challenge was the Vikings ensuring their bottom line. Therefore, Vikings and PCYC, by their own choice to not come under the banner of Football NSW, will no longer be part of the working party or Football NSW.

Football NSW is committed to the development and expansion of the sport and we will have a budgeted loss next year to help these endeavours.

They include :-

  • 20% reduction in registration fees
  • FIFA and FFA recognised State and National Championship and development pathways
  • Coach Accreditation
  • Promotion of the sport
  • National Television (Football Stars of Tomorrow)
  • Website
  • Media Coverage – Local Papers
  • Radio
  • Production of promotional material
  • AFC Futsal Championships
  • Well covered insurance for Centres, Players and Officials
  • being part of the largest sporting organisation in the Country
  • State and National exposure of the Premier League and Super League competitions


  • Football NSW will employ Development Officers to work with Centres in maximising their Futsal requirements. One initiative will be by way of working with our outdoor associations and getting their support. Another is we are working with our insurers to facilitate next season, that no outdoor players who want to play Futsal will have to pay insurance. This will lead to a further reduction in membership costs.
  • It is also vitally important to protect your business and through the standing committee they will be responsible to help limit competition to you by those centres not affiliated to Football NSW
  • Bi-monthly meetings will be convened with Centres to go over issues as well as new initiatives.
  • Form a working party with representatives from Premier League & Super League Clubs to review the competition and provide feed back to FNSW.
  • Developing accredited Coaches who can hold Coaching Certificate courses at various venues.

In summary, you are part of the Football Family, and through Football NSW, the only endorsed pathway.

Further, it is interesting that Vikings charge approximately $90.00 for an adult in Queensland and when asked why only $55 in NSW I was informed “because we have to be competitive with you”.

A meeting is being convened in early August with Centres and Clubs at which I will further discuss our initiaitives for you and the sports.

Yours faithfully

Michael Quarmby
Chief Executive Office
Football NSW

Note : The original Letter can be seen here (PDF)

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  1. Divine sorry you are wrong in the fact about Qld Futsal helping Nthn NSW

    Qld Futsal never operated outside Qld.

    Vikings…. Yes ..but that is not Qld Futsal

  2. Queensland Futsal


    “You say potato, I say potato”

    Same staff, same management, same web site. Same organisation.

  3. How About Port Macquarie for starters Divine ? There’s one …do you want all of them ???

  4. There are more than 10 football players to every 1 futsal player. Futsal will never be treated as a serious sport with the bitching going on now for a very small piece of the pie.

  5. Yes Paul, a tiny, tiny piece of the pie. 8 persons attending the meeting called by Vikings. I wonder if FSala can spin that into 80, 800, 8,000. Go for it. Tell everyone that at least Vikings are trying. Show me a good loser and I’ll show you a loser.

  6. Paul I totally agree, too much negativity, too much bitching.

    “Show me a good loser and I’ll show you a loser.” (Henk)

    What an absolutely appalling attitude! Sure you must play to win, but also you play to develop, to improve, to keep fit, to have fun, for the rush of adrenaline for all sorts of reasons.

    So sometimes you lose, so what, it’s no biggie; pick yourself up, learn something and have another go!

    Thank heavens for good losers. Have you not noticed that bad losers are usually bad winners too?

    Sorry if this is a bit off target for this thread, but there is such bad attitude displayed here that it’s no wonder the sport is tied in knots.

  7. Do your homework Henky ! It matters not to Vikings if noone turns up at a meeting..they are still the largest provider of futsal in Australasia !
    Of course you can show me losers………. you live in Victoria !
    Gotta go the beach beckons ! lol

  8. what a load of shit that is on this thread!!
    Maybe that Rossi bloke should get out there and do more for the sport instead of just writing rubbish on here!!

    Also Paul,

    I have played Football since I was 6 yrs old and played at every FFA Nationals as captain of my state side and I have also played Futsal for my state side for 3 years now at senior level.

    I would play Futsal (high level)over any form of Football any day!!! In saying that obviously if your talking about professional Football it is different but how many Australian’s make it in the big time??

  9. Small piece of the pie? Maybe for the moment. My 9 year old son plays both outdoor and Futsal. If he had to choose between the two he is Futsal 100%. Why?
    More touches & afterall, that’s what it is all about. Who wants to stand around watching with hands on hips. I expect that by the next generation, this attitude will be the norm.

    For the record, he is a Vikings participant and here are 3 reasons why..

    1) By far superior coaching here in Vic
    2) FFV can’t even get a Super League up and running
    3) FFV CEO Matt Rendell was recently quoted in Goal Weekly (check it out on the web for yourselves) as saying that the FFV must use Futsal better as a tool for revenue raising (the only time in the whole article he ever even mentioned Futsal).

    At least Mr. Rendell is honest with his Futsal intentions I guess – or lack thereof. I suspect the loser Henk referred to might actually be anyone who supports an organisation (like FFV) who admit that Futsal is nothing more than a vehicle to increase its bottom line with.

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