Futsal Grand Prix 2009 Highlights

Dan Kennedy

Logo - Grand Prix Futsal 2009The Grand Prix de Futsal is an international futsal competition of the same kind as the FIFA Futsal World Cup, but with invited nations and its held annually in Brazil. It was first held in 2005.

This year there were 16 teams invited :

Brazil, Czech Republic, Mozambique, Peru, Iran, Costa Rica, Romania, Uruguay, Guatemala, Angola, Paraguay, Hungary, Ukraine, Argentina, Venezuela and Ecuador

FutsalPlanet.com have a great summary page of the Grand Prix available for viewing here. That will give you all the results, groups standings and match details in a single page.

In a nutshell, the top 5 placings were : 1.  Brazil, 2. Iran, 3. Romania, 4.  Czech Republic, 5. Argentina

The official site FutsaldoBrasil has lots of great reports and video footage. Here are some of the direct links…

Video Highights Page (click on the ‘Goals Video’ link next to each match. If you want the page in English, click on the USA flag near the top left of the page under the main logo).

Brazil vs Iran in the Final (WMV file)

A couple others have been put on YouTube, including a nice goal from Falcao…

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