New Competitions starting in the Liverpool Area (NSW)

Football NSW

Football NSW LogoFootball NSW has two new competitions starting in the Liverpool area at the following centres:

Tuesday and Wednesday nights

THE WHITLAM CENTRE, Memorial Ave, Liverpool
Monday, Wednesday and Thursday nights

We have Senior (men and women) and Mixed Competitions available


For more information contact 8814 4464 or Email futsalcomps@footballnsw.com.au

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  1. isnt the michael wenden centre a vikings centre f.sala what is football nsw doing running comps in it.

  2. f.sala…..don’t you converse with your counterparts in sydney. thought your whole plan was to go national. here i was thinking you had your finger on the pulse.

  3. Futsalfanatic these are the same centres that Bob, CEO of Vikings NSW, announced with great fanfare, on this website, the start of Vikings competitions. As usualy, they flopped. Now he pretends to know nothing. Check the archives.

  4. Bob, aren’t these centres the same ones that you announced, on this website, the start of the Vikings expansion into NSW? As usual, they flopped.

  5. Futsalfanatic, that is JUST why Vikings is so successful . We SPECIALISE in each of our own areas of expertise…….why should NSW know how many 12 y/olds in Brisbane wore black shorts playing futsal last night ? C’mon, get real ! You NEED (!) to know about Sydney ask..VIKINGS -SYDNEY. You want to know about Vikings NZ ask Vikings NZ…..I know football has a habit of quoting 2nd hand information, but listen and learn….go to the SOURCE !
    (You fell for it didn’t you? – You thought Henky was right in calling me Bob!!!! lol WRONG !!!!!! )

  6. Henky 11.45 pm ! Did your Mum know you were still up that late playing on your computer ????

  7. what is your specialty of expertise fsala. i cant pick it you seem to know everything. feel for what fsala who is bob.

  8. Not too sure about your last sentence futsalfanatic ?, but cryptologist I’m not ! lol
    Again you better ask Henky (he’s got me under his skin !) who Bob is…he calls me it ???
    My areas of expertise are certainly not knowing who is playing at michael wenden (or any other Sydney venue for that matter)!
    I do however appreciate how important this information must be to you and apologize most profusely for not being able to furnish you with all the necessary details !

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