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Logo - West City CrusadersIn anticipation that West City Crusaders FC be successful in its application to participate in the Football NSW 2009/10 Futsal Premier League, the club is looking for exciting and talented futsal players to trial for the following age groups;

12 Boys, 14 Boys, 16 Boys, Youth, Men’s,
12 Girls, 14 Girls, 16 Girls and Women’s.

Venue: Penrith Sports Stadium, Herbert Street, Cambridge Park, NSW 2747

Female Trials: Friday 31st July & 7th August 2009
U12 Girls 7.00pm – 8.00pm
U14 Girls 7.00pm – 8.00pm
U16 Girls & Women’s – 8.00pm

Male Trials: Friday 31st July & 7th August 2009
U12 Boys 7.00pm – 8.00pm
U14 Boys 8.00pm – 9.00pm
U16 Boys 8.00pm – 9.00pm
Youth & Men’s – 9.00pm

For any further details email: westcity@westcitycrusaders.com.au

Or call Director of Coaching, Erkin Osman – 0414 973 953 or Club President, Warren Ladd – 0421 910 413

All players must wear appropriate training gear and arrive 30 minutes prior to the commencement of trials to complete trial application form.

All West City Crusaders FC coaching staff hold Level 1 Futsal accreditation, All West City Crusaders FC teams will participate in the FNSW State Titles, which will ensure that all players are eligible for selection trials for the Futsal Nationals.

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  1. Who has dropped out of Premier League if relegated Crusaders have been given a reprieve?

  2. Bobby

    Don’t be too quick.

    PCYC have the name and the licence

    And are considering it !!!

  3. they would be starting from scratch then as without the current magic coaches (from what i hear) most existing players will go elsewhere.

  4. I hope they stay in and together, ……….our rivalry has always been there. They along with sydney city,quake and allstars have been the bench mark.

    I want our club to play the best, I want to beat the best. And if we lose, we we’ll go down swinging.

    Their mens squad along with their coach will stay together. Some club will pick them up.

    I guess we’ll know within 3 weeks.

  5. The advert says “In anticipation that West City Crusaders FC be successful in its application”. So they are quite correct.

  6. Applications close 17th of this month. From the 18th FNSW will start reviewing applications against the crireria. All applicants have been sent a package detailing the criteria (too numerous to list here).

  7. But if there is a vacancy in Premeir League because of a merger , wouldn’t the relegated team be reinstated automatically since they were thee in the first place?

  8. Not necessarily. For example I pose a hypothetical question: Would the last placed Premier League club be more competative in Premier League than one of the top 3 Super League clubs? So in the event of such a situation (which may not happen), FNSW have a procedure to follow.

  9. Are you saying that some S/L clubs may be in the running yet? Who makes the final decision?

  10. Should there be a vacancy, in my opinion West City Crusaders should remain in Premier League. This would be in line with what FNSW has done in the past. So I guess precedence or protocol has been set.

    I do believe you earn the right to be promoted into Premier League ie – Super League Club Champions.

    Question is, whether it be Crusaders or Dural, one of them will receive a lucky break.

  11. This is all hyperthetical as the more likely scenario is that all previous teams will apply.

  12. Frank went to the same school of spelling as I did.

    Must be that Italian blood in us.


  13. Not really

    I have studies/professional qualifications in Banking and Finance and Sports management. Does it make me better than Joe the plumber….I think not.

    But the clincher is, being a “Bad Speller”, which obviously you are not.

    If you are that keen to be on the standing committee, our club will nominate you.

    Please email us with your correct details on info@benfica.com.au

  14. Loz, I am a plumber by trade myself, so since I am probably better than you I could also apply, couldn’t I?

    Shit, I just emembered what the late Jack Gibson once said: “if you do not want something done, just appoint a committee” …

  15. Fence Sitter

    The number of people that wish to be on the standing committee is good. It shows how passionate people are. Only problem is, when it comes to people putting their hands up for nomination, there are none.

    Fence sitter put your hand up, at least this way I can step down. 1) My wife will be happy. 2) You must have a hard thick head, because I swear, at times I’m just banging my head against the wall. :-)

    It is easy to bag people out, hiding behind an alias, isn’t it.

  16. Thick skin and a sense of humour needed. I’m off to Bunnings to get them…

  17. Surely it is a good thing that two members of the committee (Lorenzo and Frank) are prepared to publicly acknowledge that and openly participate on this forum. I can appreciate this without always agreeing with them.

    Fence Sitter – great quote that sadly is true, the real pity is that two good guys on the committee are nowhere near the majority!!!!

  18. Don’t forget Mark Seeto, Boz Rakvin, Felicity Huntington, Les Maclaren, David Saliba and Matteo Maiorana…..all fantastic, passionate and active Committee Members.

  19. Dural over Crusaders Frank? Bringing down that decision, or even considering it, would raise questions of conflict of interest

  20. Trust me I won’t be involved and neither will anyone on the Committee simply for that reason.

  21. Curious… Crusaders, assuming their application met the criteria.

    Apart from the fact they earned their entry into the competition last year, their campaign was reasonably competitive, some grades made the finals and they were breathing down Western Raiders necks up until the last couple of rounds i.e. it wasn’t a disasterous/embarrassing campaign.

    Another non-trivial consideration for FNSW is they are the only club with a presence in the far Western Sydney region (west of Blacktown to the Blue Mountains).

    If the individuals within FNSW start arbitrarily picking who goes up and who goes down based on who they say they think will be competitive, we’re on a very slippery slope, especially when those making the decisions may have vested interests, or be seen to have vested interests. The personnel at clubs, officials and players, can change dramatically from season to season. Who’s to say who will be competitive and who will not.

  22. Would there be a possible play off between the Crusaders & Dural to determine who replaces Sydney Magic? Of course this is only if a club is required to replace anyone.

  23. Gadget

    No need for play off. West city crusaders defeated Dural for the club championship two years ago.

    Dural the bridesmaids yet again last year

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