Sydney Magic Expression of interest for Coaches (NSW)

Sydney Magic

sydney_magic_2010Sydney Magic are taking expressions of interest from Coaches for the upcoming 2009/2010 NSW Premier League season.

Email your applications to sydneymagic@hotmail.com

Applications close soon.

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  1. Ta mate, I am a very simple person but I’d hate to see you either misquoted or misunderstood…

  2. I am currently overseas,however i managed to find time to read these articles about Magic,Syd City,Dural,Crusadors.Firstly about Magic-it is an absolute shame that a leading club such as Magic will not be in the competition(they have been the best club for 4 years)love them or hate them,it was always interesting to play against them,they marketed their club very well,websites,dvds,gala days………in any case ,the monster is bigger now……innerwest and magic players together,they will be a tough opposition.I wish all concerned good luck and look forward to seeing you in the new season.To Mateo,Carmen and all other magic staff and players,i am sure Allstars will embrace passionate futsal people like you…all the best.

    Sydney City-leave them alone, times have changed….everyone has the right to advertise,here is someone like roy perry who has been involved for 20 years putting time and effort into the sport and all you can do is rubbish him for putting an ad on…shame on you.Sydney City has always been a good club and they always will be.They have always managed to produce great talent.
    ROY,ROY,ROSS and the female boss of the Eagles-good luck and keep up the good work.
    Dural-like it or not Dural have got all that is needed to be in the Premier league.Courts,players,coaches,money and most importantly integrity and discipline with the kids. I do feel sorry for the Crusadors,however the only way to ensure one stays at the premier league is to perform on the courts and not rely on a club pulling out..FAIR IS FAIR…..good luck to DURAL.to the crusadors, i wish you all the best,and lets hope you make it next year.

  3. Dural being given a Premier League place over Crusaders is obviously a blatant political decision. Crusaders won its Premier League spot (over Dural). Dural have now been given it gift wrapped. Much nodding and winking behind this one (and a very bad smell!).

    And let’s get the geography straight. Crusaders are the only truly “Western” Sydney club.

    Raiders play out of Stanhope Gardens… only 15 klms west of Dural.

    Crusaders home court is 35 klms west of Raiders home court!

    With this “decision” FNSW have done a very good job of disenfranchising the Western Sydney region.

  4. Everyone,

    I’ve just left a meeting at FNSW where I have been informed of the outcome. For the newcomers I’ll go through what has happened from start to finish.

    1. Promotion – Sydney Benfica (won the S/L Club Championship)
    2. Relegation – Crusaders down to S/L as per competition rules.
    3. Sydney Magic PCYC have not applied for P/L thus leaving a vacant spot.
    4. FNSW asks for expressions of interest from all S/L clubs to see who is interested to fill the spot.
    5. FNSW receive 5 expressions of interest.
    6. FNSW announced that Dural will be promoted.
    This is as much as I know.

  5. There is a Clubs & Centres meeting on the 6th with FNSW so can I suggest that anyone with questions, raise them at the meeting.

  6. I’ll add to what Dave said The Standing Committee was not involved in the process and nor should they have been.

    The Competitions Dept. is now running P/L & S/L and they would have submitted their recommendations direct to the Board.

  7. why don’t all clubs just fold and they can play 4 v 4 with no goalkeepers on grass and with pop up goals?

    sounds like an awesome plan that will win us the world cup!!

  8. Frank Rossi

    When did FNSW announce that Dural is up into PL? Not on the website and no memo has been sent to clubs…

  9. The Clubs that had expressed interest were spoken to first and then I was advised that there would be an announcement on Thursdays meeting with the clubs. I’ll probably be in trouble for jumping the gun on Friday night but it seemed like the cat was out of the bag anyway.

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