We are planning big on Futsal: Fiji FA

Fiji Sun

fiji_sunPlans are in the pipeline to improve and develop the growth of Futsal soccer in Fiji, says Dr. Mohammed Shamsudean Sahu Khan.

The Fiji FA boss said the proposal has been prepared to construct a special Futsal ground together with two academies to be built in Ba and Suva respectively.

He said a separate body would be set up to look into the affairs of Futsal but under the umbrella of Fiji FA.

“We are definitely going big on developing the growth of Futsal in Fiji and I will present my proposal to the committee this Sunday,” said Khan.

“There are plans to construct a new Futsal playing venue and two Futsal Academies to be set in Ba and also in Vatuwaqa.

“The Oceania has shown their support on the above plans and once the proposal is agreed in this Saturday’s meeting then we’ll start the project straight away.

“We will also appoint separate coach and officials to look in the day to day running of the Futsal but they will all affiliate under Fiji FA.”

Khan said soccer districts would also be encouraged to field separate teams for the Futsal and we would be holding Futsal tournaments during the year.

He said the setting up of a Futsal body would be a good chance for Fiji to play in the world cup especially after the outcome of the national team during last year’s tournament.

“Solomons has separate players that play for the Futsal competition and separate players for the 11- man soccer.”

“And we are also planning to do the same for Fiji as this can easily allow our team to play at the world cup.”

Khan has also thanked OFC for choosing Fiji for this year’s competition.

“This is the second consecutive years we are hosting the tournament and we are thankful to OFC for this. “Fiji will benefit a lot from this tournament and we are requesting the fans to come up in huge numbers and watch the games,” he added.

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