5 Star Pre Season Cup 2009 (NSW) – Updated

5 Star Futsal

Logo - 5 Star FutsalThe second edition of the 5 Star Pre Season tournament has been set for the weekend of the 26th -27th of September.

Once again the Menai Indoor Sports Centre will play host.The competition will see 8 clubs competing for the right to be named 5 Star Pre Season Champions.

The new competition format will see 2 groups of 4, with the winner of each group going through to the grand final.

The 8 teams were seeded 1-8 according to their respective finish in last year’s club championship.

Group A will see competition top seed Campbelltown City Quake who will be looking to go one better than last years finishes in both the 5 Star Cup and Premier League Club Championship.

Joining Quake in group A will be newly promoted Sydney Benfica FC who will be looking to make history and stop the recent trend of promoted clubs being relegated in their first season of Premier League. The club was one of the surprise packets from version one of the 5 Star Cup and will be looking to add the 5 Star Cup to their Super League Title.

Northern Tigers have also been drawn in Group A and could give both mentioned Premier League Clubs a run for their money and snatch one of the Grand Finals spots.


Sutherland Shire Futsal has also been drawn in Group A and will be looking to put on a show in front of their local supporters. Sutherland Shire Futsal has been one of the best clubs in promoting the sport and will be looking for an improved effort on the court.

Group B sees the new look Inner West AllStars who have been busy in the winter break recruiting heavily with many ex Sydney Magic players and officials making the short trip across to the Homebush based club. The Inner West Allstars will be one of the favourites and will look to follow Sydney Magic and take out both 5 Star Pre Season Cup and the Premier League Club Championship.

Joining Allstars in Group B will be the Commodores who make their debut in the Pre Season Cup and will be looking at their red hot under 12’s team to get them off to a great start and press claims to be 5 Star Cup Champions.

Super League Club Enfield Rovers will be looking to push for promotion and have recruited the services of Ernesto Bivona and several Inner West All Star Players.

Maccabi Futsal will make up Group B and have made one of the biggest signings in the off season in Futsalroo Simon Keith. The Eastern Suburbs based club will look to improve on their season from last year and have also acquired the service of Futsalroo Assistant Coach Steven Knight.

The 2 day event promises to be action packed with clubs going head to head and fighting for the 27 points that are up for grabs each round with the winners of both groups playing off in the final to be crowned 5 star champions.

The club championship trophy will be awarded to the club with the most accumulated points over the day. The day will see 3 points awarded for a win, 2 points for a score draw and 1 point for scoreless draw. There will be 7 bonus points awarded to the final winners.

Logo - McGrath FoundationThe 5 Star Tournament proved to be a good form guide last year and with last season’s Champions absent, it could be the start of a massive year for the winner.

Gold coin donations will be collected throughout the two day event with all money raised being donated to the McGrath foundation who have sanctioned the event.

The 5 Star Management would like to thank all the clubs for their support and wish them the very best for the coming season.

The future is 5 Star.

Click here for the Official Tournament Flyer (PDF)

Click here for the Official Tournament Draw (XLS)

Click here for the LATEST Official Tournament Draw (XLS)


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  1. I thought there were originally 10 teams in the competition; What happened to Western Raiders and whoever else was the tenth team? Are they getting their gear from another company now or what?

  2. Why are Maccabi even allowed in the SL competition because as people have seen this weekend they have no ability to field girls teams. They forfeited match after match last year and seem set to repeat the performance again.

    Not happy Jan/FNSW

  3. I hear every club is having problems with girls teams. Maybe we are pushing the girl issue too soon. Not enough girls playing futsal, and fnsw dont help cause all they looking at is collecting $$$$ which will send clubs broke.

  4. didi if it were just this season then fair enough. They did this last season though. So no it is not good and there is no excuse for it.

  5. @ didi

    “fnsw dont help cause all they looking at is collecting $$$$ which will send clubs broke.”

    It was the majority of clubs who voted for the girls age groups that they have now! They should have put some thought into their decision. They always complain about the cost of court hire, refs fees, how long the day is, lack of good coaches etc but they voted in an extra age group…

  6. Fence sitter, it is not an ‘extra’ age group. They just changed the age group. Maybe the clubs should have been out there looking at the outdoor players rather than just waiting for trials to come around.
    Do up flyers and ask the schools in the area to hand them out, they are always being told to promote sport for kids.
    Go and watch the park games in the area and have a look at the appropriate age groups and hand out flyers there.
    Really, there is no excuse for not having the girls. If you have to get girls who have never played before then so be it. But there are clubs who hold trials and pick just the best of the group hoping more will turn up at the next trial, and when they don’t then the club cries that there is not enough girls to go around.

  7. It is both and extra age group and a change of ages, both voted in by the clubs themselves. the situation is made worse because some people think kids will come knocking their doors down, and that will not happen!

  8. 12s boys- Commodores over benfica
    14s boys- All stars over northern tigers
    16s-boys= Quake over all stars
    Youth men- Allstars over Benfica
    Men- all Stars over benfica.

  9. i wish to thank the first aid and other staff at the 5Star comp at Menai for their professional and caring help when our daughter, Emily was knocked unconscious in the 14 girls (Rovers vs Benfica) playoff on Sunday night. Prompt and caring assistance, ambulance arrived within minutes and in Bankstown hospital in record time. Emily is ok now, a slight concussion and a week off sport. Thanks again!

  10. Just like to say the older of the 2 female refs I saw over the weekend was brilliant.
    She took the time to talk to the kids and explain exactly why she had made the decisions she did etc.
    She explained things to the younger possibly 1st yr in kids.
    She was one of the nicest refs I have ever come into contact with in the sport.
    If there were more like her refing the younger games, then there may be a little less agression from the kids towrds the refs as they get older.

  11. I just like to say i enjoyed the 5 Star Futsal on the weekend except for couple of the refs. expecially one ref that made more than his fair share of mistakes, i understand that mistakes can be made we see it in every sport but there was this one particular ref that would of made more bad calls than good ones, and that is a shame cause i had always thought Refs are always pretty fair but i was wrong, i think this ref ran the games the way he wanted, or he just has no idea, who ever is in charge of these refs should take a good look at who they are hiring, as not all do their job properly.

  12. Ylmum and others – yes there was some quality reffing over the weekend – it was both competent and compassionate understanding the ebbs and flows of the game.

    One or two younger refs however need to have a good think about whether reffing futsal is really their thing.

    Passion will overflow and as long as it does not degenerate to abuse (and I witnessed no abuse over the weekend) good refs will flow with it, address it with a quiet word and not over react.

    These days I’m just a futsal parent but many years ago I held an international whistle blowers ticket in another sport and being a good ref is far more than being technically competent – it is a state of mind.

    Refs please – you are one of many stakeholders in the game – you are not the sole focus of attention!

  13. disappointed, if it is obviously so easy, when are you are picking up a whistle? I hear people saying they are overpaid, so the money is apparently really good. Based on the numbers of repeat refs I see (of all ages) the numbers can’t be that great to allow “picking and choosing”. For me as long as they are consistent (even if consistently wrong) a competent player should be able to work around a ‘poor’ ref. As a coach (not Futsal) you have two oppositions, the other team and the refs. You need to learn what both will do to be successful.

    I was at Windsor on Monday and saw a player getting pinged for his type of challenge from the side. His coach advised his to “just get in front” and the problems went away.

    keen observer, agree with your thoughts but just remember that many of those who ref (particularly the younger ones) are not “international whistle blowers” but someone how just loves the sport and tries to fulfill a role that others don’t or won’t.

  14. @ just a thought

    I agree with most of what you say, but: “For me as long as they are consistent (even if consistently wrong)” YOU ARE KIDDING!

  15. @ just a thought

    As a coach, what do you do with a player who performs CONSISTENTLY poorly?

    Actually, at times, some of your own players constitute your “third” opposition…

  16. @ Fence sitter,
    “at times, some of your own players constitute your “third” opposition…”
    so true.

    What I was inferring is that even if they are not 1st class referees, a competent coach should be able to sought his team out to be efficient with the ref he is faced with.

    Consistently wrong was not meant to be all game and all laws, rather one area. If he is consistent at least you should be able to identify this and move on.

    For example, if he doesn’t know whole ball, whole line he should be the same for both teams. A good coach should learn this quickly and use it to his advantage.

  17. just out of curiosity who was the strongest p/l club or was there any real suprise team/club at the tournement?

  18. Obviously Allstars speak for themselves. I was impressed with Northern Tigers and Enfield. Quackers strong as usual.

  19. I was pretty impressed with what I saw over the weekend; though I was only able to be at the tournament on Saturday due to other committments.
    Referees? I didn’t see any problems at the games I watched. I see players make many more mistakes than referees. I see coaches make many more mistakes than referees. Anyone who expects perfection from referees in any sport is not in touch with reality.
    As a coach I can live with the errors. It can get frustrating, it can get annoying but all the yelling/jumping up and down/threats/childishness from the bench has never made an official change his/her decision. I’d have thought it was our role as mentors to lead by example?
    Futsal is just a game. Everyone loves to win but there’s a little more to it than that. “Passion” is not an excuse for poor behaviour either on the field or off it.
    I want to go the games each weekend, enjoy the sport and watch the best team win; even if it isn’t the team I coach. Otherwise, I may as well stay at home.
    All Stars are the club to beat. They’ll certainly be the team to beat in the Under 16 Girls. But my little ladies from Benfica will give a good account of themselves.

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