NSW Premier League Clash of the Titans 2009

Football NSW and Campbelltown City Quake

Campbelltown City Quake are hosting version two of the Clash of the Titians this weekend at Minto Indoor Sports Stadium

Enjoy a great day of Futsal as Round one of the FNSW Premier League kicks off this coming Saturday with Campbelltown City Quake taking on Sydney City Eagles

Action will start from the Academy kids through to the Open Men and Women, come and enjoy 10 great games as these 2 giants of Futsal go head-to-head

There will up to 6 current Futsalroos on display as they do battle in the Open Men’s game.

Kick times are as follows:

Academy 12:30pm
12 Boys 1:15pm
12 Girls 2:00pm
14 Boys 2:45pm
14 Girls 3:30pm
16 Boys 4:15pm
16 Girls 5:00pm
Men 5:45pm
Women 6:45pm
Youth 7:30pm

Click the pic below for the original flyer (PDF).


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  1. yeh buddy it was the same poster, it was made on short notice just to advertise the event, why must you be petty and worry about something like the look of the poster rather than being enthusiastic about the event…

    i jus dont understand some ppl. it was designed by the same designer so its not a rip off because that person has a right to reproduce the poster as much as they want.. but at the end of the day.. worry about wat is actually important.. the FUTSAL

  2. No didi. It was played at Marrickville. Im know Magic organised and ran the event. The ex futsalroo/celebrity game was brilliant. Not part of the event this year by the looks of the ad. Big time rip off.

  3. And two eagles at that.

    Look Quackers were involved in the event last year and are involved in the event this year. They have every right to promote the event. No need to ask Magic for permission as they don’t exist.

    If all we are worried about is a poster………then bring on the futsal.

    Benfica are facing the daunting prospect of Allstars…………what a way to start………with a bang!

  4. @danny
    What event?
    Looks to me just like another round game with senior games chnaged around. Is that what constitutes an event?
    What do I care who is around and who isnt?

  5. Allstars just showed how strong they are. It’s basically a combination of the top 2 clubs from last year. Benfica will have it tough in many grades but can cause some upsets over the 9 games.

  6. benfica will have it tough but im 100% sure that they will rise to the challenge. they proved that in the 5 star cup.
    nevermind, never back the favourite, not when the favourite is a club set to explode all because of one person who has recently joined who previously hated all stars.

  7. Mick and Mr Squiggle its because of people like you that wreck the sport we all love with your crap and inuendo. Futsal is a sport that is played on the court. How about we focus on that for a change.

  8. Does anyone know how the U12 Western Raiders GK is?
    From what I hear, they thought she had broken her ankle.

  9. What a great afternoon, thank you eagles and quake for putting on a great show. Gavin O’BRIEN that was courage, a screamer of a goal to make it 3-2. Quake rocks.

  10. the mens and youth games were both exciting and thrilling games.
    The day was enjoyable with all games played in good nature.
    thanks to both clubs for making it an enjoyable day.

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