Sorize Futsal – iPhone Futsal Tactics Board

Hirofumi Sakumura

Here is an interesting product we feel may be of use to a few Futsa4all readers. We get a lot of emailed requests to post info about commercial services on Futsal4all, but not many we feel are relevant to our readers. Ths one looks interesting though. Its at least worth taking a look at the short Youtube clip on it.

Hirofumi Sakumura has produced Sorize Futsal, a virtual tactics board as an iPhone app for Futsal enthusiasts.

From the review blurb on App Shopper :

Sorize Futsal is the most interactive tactics board for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

It allows you to organize team formations, tactics, and show your players exactly how you want them to play.

Unlike other tactics apps, the design is very appealing and practical!!

Bring colorful tactics into your life at any time!!

On the train to a meeting, you can produce a plan of tactics only with iPhone or iPod Touch at your fingertips.

Sorize Futsal is able to move player’s positions around as you like, so you don’t have to rub them out with an eraser one by one.

Whenever a bright idea occurs to you, let’s preserve it in your Sorize Futsal.

If that happens, you are able to remember the idea.

You will be able to talk about the idea to team members smoothly before the game.


* Tactics board for Futsal
* Graphical interface
* Saves three formations
* Stopwatch
* Red-card/Yellow-card
* Heads&Tails







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