2009/2010 NSW Premier League Round 1 Results

Football NSW

This Premier League season we will be republishing the results from the Football NSW website again. This time though we have added the feature of being able to sort the results on the fly just by clicking on the arrow in the top of each column on the table below.

This will allow you to quickly view by Age Group or by Club to see everything at a glance. Try clicking on the arrows at the top of the ‘Home Team’ column to see what we mean.

Let us know if you like it.

2009/2010 NSW Premier League Round 1 Results

12 BoysCommodores FCB10-3Western Raiders
12 BoysDural Warriors2-8Mascot Vipers
12 BoysCampbelltown Quake1-6Sydney City Eagles
12 BoysInner West Allstars6-9Sydney Benfica FC
12 GirlsCommodores FCB0-13Western Raiders
12 GirlsDural Warriors7-0Mascot Vipers
12 GirlsCampbelltown Quake4-1Sydney City Eagles
12 GirlsInner West Allstars1-2Sydney Benfica FC
14 BoysCommodores FCB3-8Western Raiders
14 BoysDural Warriors3-5Mascot Vipers
14 BoysCampbelltown Quake1-4Sydney City Eagles
14 BoysInner West Allstars4-3Sydney Benfica FC
14 GirlsCommodores FCB0-7Western Raiders
14 GirlsDural Warriors1-4Mascot Vipers
14 GirlsCampbelltown Quake2-3Sydney City Eagles
14 GirlsInner West Allstars5-0Sydney Benfica FC
16 BoysCommodores FCB7-4Western Raiders
16 BoysDural Warriors6-1Mascot Vipers
16 BoysCampbelltown Quake10-6Sydney City Eagles
16 BoysInner West Allstars6-2Sydney Benfica FC
16 GirlsCommodores FCB0-6Western Raiders
16 GirlsDural Warriors1-5Mascot Vipers
16 GirlsCampbelltown Quake10-0Sydney City Eagles
16 GirlsInner West Allstars6-2Sydney Benfica FC
Youth MenCommodores FCB2-2Western Raiders
Youth MenDural Warriors3-1Mascot Vipers
Youth MenInner West Allstars2-3Sydney Benfica FC
Youth MenCampbelltown Quake1-3Sydney City Eagles
Open WomenCommodores FCB0-6Western Raiders
Open WomenDural Warriors0-3Mascot Vipers
Open WomenCampbelltown Quake4-0Sydney City Eagles
Open WomenInner West Allstars1-1Sydney Benfica FC
Open MenCommodores FCB6-4Western Raiders
Open MenCampbelltown Quake3-2Sydney City Eagles
Open MenDural Warriors5-4Mascot Vipers
Open MenInner West Allstars5-2Sydney Benfica FC

2009/2010 NSW Premier League Club Championship Table after Round 1

PosClub NamePlayedWonLostSDDrawGoals ForGoals AgainstGoal DiffPoints
1Western Raiders9531053282517
2Inner West Allstars9531036241217
3Campbelltown Quake9540036251115
4Mascot Vipers954003128315
5Dural Warriors945002831-312
6Sydney City Eagles945002536-1112
7Sydney Benfica FC935102436-1211
8Commodores FCB935102853-2511
Sourced from : http://www.footballnsw.com.au/fileadmin/user_upload/Futsal/PL_Clubchamp.pdf on 4/10/2009. Note we have fixed the Goal difference calculations, and have resorted based on those. Final table is still up to Football NSW, so what you see here is our adjusted version

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